WCA ID: 2016PRAB03

Pranav Prabhu is an Indian Professional Speed cuber who specializes in 3x3 FMC alongside participating in 3x3, 3x3 One-Handed, Megaminx, and other NxN events. He is the current National Record holder of FMC single with a solution of 23 moves. He has won a total of 32 medals in various events at WCA competitions.

His best times include officially solving the 3x3 in 6.35 seconds, solving the 3x3 one-handed in 11.65 seconds, and an FMC solution of 23 moves. Outside of cubing, Pranav is an avid reader of genres like science fiction and fantasy. He also has an interest in playing the piano and learning about science and ancient history. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology to this end.

Pranav also believes in deliberate and consistent practice being the key to rapid improvement and encourages others to compete as early as possible to get used to the environment of competitions and to become better associated with the cubing community.

He has over 5 years of competitive experience, 1 year of teaching experience and has participated and focused on a variety of events over the years, being a cuber, interested in improving his all-round performance.


  • 3x3 FMC

  • 3x3-6x6,OH (NxN Expert)
  • 3x3 and 3x3 OH (CFOP)
  • Megaminx
  • Time Management
  • Finger Tricks, Efficiency
  • Competition Practice

     His main cubes:

    • 3x3 and 3x3 OH - Gan 11M Duo
    • 4x4 - 6x6 - YJ MGC Series
    • Megaminx: X-Man Galaxy v2 M


    • A Rubik's Cube
    • Having self-motivation to keep improving

    • Patience for deliberate practice
    • For FMC: a basic knowledge of what skeletons and insertions are

    What you'll learn

    • Tips and Ideas to improve your speed

    • Identifying weaknesses and strengths to be able to practice deliberately
    • Multiple Algorithms and tricks for difficult cases
    • Managing time and efficiency of practice cubing in general
    • A versatile arsenal of techniques to broaden your cubing knowledge


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