With the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, we want to inform our valued customers about the initiatives we have taken to keep our team, customers & our entire cubing community safe & healthy.
Cleanliness has always been our most important concern to prevent COVID-19 virus, and we have stepped it up to highest standards, making sure that Cubelelo’s employees and our customers stay safe from the pandemic. All staff members are required to thoroughly wash their hands (following the 20 second rule) immediately upon entry to our facility and at regular intervals while they are at work. The work stations for our customized products, packaging and shipping are properly sanitized as well.

In addition to our current practices, we have educated our staff so that they follow proper hygiene practices while at work and even at their homes.


The survivability of corona virus is poor on surfaces like product and packaging, especially when these have moved over time and get exposed to varied temperatures.

To further ensure the safety of our products, our packages are kept away from human contact for extended periods of time before adding to our sellable inventory and shipped to you.


Let’s all do our part as an individual, as recommended by designated Health Authorities, we should clean hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Regular use of hand sanitizers is recommended and we should avoid touching our eyes, nose, and mouth at all times and especially with unwashed hands. Avoiding contact with people who are sick and social distancing is paramount to containing the spread of this virus. We should clean frequently used items like mobile phones, wallets, eye glasses and keys etc and cover our mouth suitable grade mask while going out.


We are happy to state that all of our team members have remained healthy during this time and our country is trying its best to control coronavirus. And with all the proactive steps taken by the government the condition is expected to improve.

We are not taking the situation for granted and will continue to take appropriate steps to make shopping at Cubelelo a safe experience.

We are working with reduced staff capacity, so that we do our part in maintaining the social distancing aspect. Half of our team is now working from home and only the personnel required to continue the operations and order processing at full capacity are working at the warehouses. Packaging stations are are reorganized and separated at proper distance as well.

WHO has clarified that it is safe to handle packages from international locations. You can nonetheless ask the delivery person to provide contact less deliveries where the package will be dropped at doorsteps, if permissible as per local regulations.

Cubelelo is grateful for your support and understanding. Thank you so much for being such a valued customer. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at 

Be safe and take care!



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