Alphabet Learning Board (Wooden) | Letter Matching Puzzle

Learn Preschool English | Educational Learning & Development

Alphabet Learning Board (Wooden) | Letter Matching Puzzle

Learn Preschool English | Educational Learning & Development

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FEATURES: Alphabet Learning Board is an educational toy designed to help young children learn the letters of the alphabet and develop their fine motor skills. The puzzle consists of a flat wooden board with cut-out slots for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a separate wooden piece that fits into its corresponding slot on the board.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: The Alphabet Learning Board is made of high-quality durable, non-toxic materials that are safe for children to handle and play with. The wood used is smooth and free of splinters, and the paint is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. The wooden pieces are brightly colored and decorated with letters and illustrations to make them more visually appealing to children.

CREATIVE EDUCATION: The puzzle can be used in a variety of ways to help children learn and develop different skills. For example, children can practice identifying each letter and matching it to the correct slot on the board. They can also practice spelling simple words by using wooden pieces to spell out the words on the board. In addition to helping children learn the letters of the alphabet, a wooden alphabet puzzle can also help them develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Manipulating the small wooden pieces and fitting them into the correct slots on the board requires a certain level of dexterity and control, which can help children improve these skills.


Overall, Alphabet Learning Board is a fun and interactive way for young children to learn and practice basic literacy skills. It is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by generations of children and continues to be a popular educational toy today.



The wooden board has cutouts over it to identify the pattern of the wooden block. you need to put the appropriate wooden block inside the cutout. The puzzles include illustrations or pictures next to each letter this can help children associate the letters and numbers with real-world objects and concepts, which can help build vocabulary and language skills.

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Nancy Sharma
Alphabet wooden board

My kid loves it.... 😘😘


good one


good for kids

Alphabet Learning Board (Wooden)

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