Cubelelo Little Magic 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)


Cubelelo Little Magic 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

CubeleloSKU: 30305EM

Color: Stickered
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Cubelelo Little Magic 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic) is an upgrade of Yuxin little magic and is one of the Cubelelo's most affordable magnetic cube offerings.

This budget magnetic 3x3 is crispier and more stable than the normal Little Magic, thanks to the introduction of unique magnetic elements. With a compact size, split-piece design this cube is the perfect choice for fast and controllable cube lovers.

We have introduced forty-eight neodymium magnets of suitable strength at various strategic locations in the cube, arranged in a way to ensure precise symmetric pattern while rotation.

A tactile and very stable feel with clean, clicky feedback regardless of piece orientation is achieved due to this magnetisation effect.

The magnetic attraction between the pieces results in increased efficiency while minimising overshooting and undesirable lockups.

This perfect cube for one-handed solves has been made super stable with our elite services.

High-quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for the optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle.

Performance is further enhanced by a combination of Special Elite lube on the core and Cubelelo Premium lube on the pieces thereby optimising speed and stability to deliver improved speedcubing performance.

Customer Reviews

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Anubrota Guha

I using this cube from 1 weel.I bought this in 600 on in this price it's good but under 750 rs3m is the winner.i think it's have speed lubed so it's anee a waight 5 or 4 lube for stability

Ayush Kori
Nice cube

Very fast and a little uncontrollable

Syon Mukherjee
Unbelievably good

The Yuxin Little Magic was my main for a long while all the way from averaging sub-25 to sub-13. I also managed a fair share of sub-10 solves which I think speaks for itself. Its buttery smooth feeling and very fast turning, combined with the budget pricing makes it a no brainer for new speedcubers who are unsure what to buy. I'd go as far as to call it the RS3M 2020 of the time before the RS3M 2020 even existed. Cubelelo's cube setup team also did an amazing job on the cube. All it took was a little bit of breaking in for it to achieve its maximum performance.

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