Cubelelo Standard Silicone Cube Lubricant

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Choice of Lube: Storm (Weight 2)
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Cubelelo Standard Silicone Cube Lubricant

Cubelelo Hurricane Lube (Weight 1) -This lube is the thinnest lube in the Cubelelo Standard Lube series and makes the cube very smooth and fast as implied by the name hurricane. It stays longer in a cube and is the best lube for pieces.

Cubelelo Storm Lube (Weight 2) - This lube is also very good for the pieces but it doesn't make the cube as fast as the hurricane lube. It makes a cube very buttery smooth.

Cubelelo Swift Lube (Weight 3) - This lube can be used for core and pieces but only in a small amount (only on the pieces).This lube makes the cube slightly slower and very buttery smooth.

Cubelelo Breeze Lube (Weight 4) - This lube is recommended to be used only for the core and should not be used for the pieces.It makes the cube stable and gives you more control.

Cubelelo Calm Lube (Weight 5) - This lube is recommended to be used only for the core and should not be used for the pieces. The thickest of all lubes, it has the highest viscosity and makes the cube stable.


Brand : Cubelelo
Material : Silicone
Dimensions (in mm) : 185x40x20
Product Weight : 10 grams
Package Weight : 30 grams
Package Contents : 1 Unit Lubricant and 1 Nozzle   


  • How long will 5-6 drops last on pieces?

    It will last for a considerable 60-80 solves (approx). There is no fixed time frame as of how long the lube will last. It completely depends on how many solves you perform.

  • How many times I can lube the cube with one syringe of hurricane?

    Dear customer,
    One syringe contains around 90 drops of lube. However, it also depends upon the quantity you use at a time while lubing your cube. 
    It is suggested to use 5-6 drops of lube all pieces at once.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 214 reviews
Cubelelo lube calm

Excellent lube. My rs3m was very fast and it helped me control my cube

Very nice lube, value for money.

I lubed my x man tornado v2 by calm, I applied it on tracks and pieces it is now too stable.

Smrutiranjan Sahoo
Nice lube

Good quality, very Smooth

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