Drift 2x2 Mirror (Refurbished)

2x2 Magic Cube Shape Mod | Comes with Mirror Finish for a Premium Look and Feel | Collective Item


Drift 2x2 Mirror (Refurbished)

2x2 Magic Cube Shape Mod | Comes with Mirror Finish for a Premium Look and Feel | Collective Item

CubeleloSKU: 1120400R

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UNIQUE SHAPE-SHIFTING DESIGN: The Drift Mirror 2x2 (Silver) is a variation of the traditional 2x2 cube puzzle toy that features a reflective, mirror-like surface. Unlike the standard 2x2 cube, it does not have four same-sized cubes on each side.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the puzzle is to scramble all the faces of the cube and then solve the puzzle by aligning all of the appropriately sized smaller cubes so that each side of the cube is properly adjusted. However, it is harder to identify each part because the size difference between the puzzle's parts is less obvious than the color difference between the original puzzle's stickers.

FEATURES: The Drift Mirror 2x2 (Silver) has a smooth, shiny, and sturdy design, with a matte finish that makes it easy to grip and turn. It is designed for speedcubing, with a corner-cutting design that allows for quick and smooth turns, even at high speeds. Depending on the user's preference, the cube also features a tensioning system that can be adjusted to make the puzzle looser or tighter.

BENEFITS: The Drift Mirror 2x2 (Silver) is a great puzzle toy for people who enjoy a challenge and want to improve their problem-solving and dexterity skills. Its unique reflective surface adds an extra level of visual interest to the puzzle, making it a great addition to any puzzle collection.

COMPACT SIZE: The Drift Mirror 2x2 (Silver) is smaller in size than the classic Rubik's Cube, making it easier to carry around and play with on the go. This also makes it a great choice for younger puzzle enthusiasts who may have smaller hands.


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Drift 2x2 Mirror (Refurbished)

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