GAN 12 M MagLev 3x3 (Limited Edition)

GANSKU: 1030477

Color: Turquoise
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GAN 12 M MagLev 3x3 (Limited Edition)

The GAN 12 M MagLev 3x3 "Peacock Edition" is a beautiful, limited edition, transparent green 3x3. This puzzle is very limited, so once it is gone, it's gone for good. If you're a puzzle collector, don't miss out on this one.

Comes with:

  • GAN 12 Maglev "Peacock Emerald" Edition
  • LE GAN cube box V8S
  • Sticker set (Full Bright)
  • Decorative cube bag
  • LE green replacement magnets and adjustment tool
  • Collectible Peacock cards

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