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Every game is an exploration of novelty. The Monster Go Skewb is the first skewb released as part of the Monster Go series. The Monster Go Skewb is an inexpensive puzzle but built to the same quality standards expected from a GAN sub-brand.

Contradictory to other skewbs, it uses a "snap-in-place" piece design versus the use of ball-bearings. This is a great skewb for beginners! Safe Materials to free your concern Monster Go insists on using environmentally friendly plastics of high quality. It’s safe and odorless, the worry-free choice for parents.

Monster Go Skewb from Gan with high quality and bright colours. This Skewb is perfect for speedcubing. Its exterior design, in stickerless matt, has some similarity with the Gan cubes. It is a non-magnetic skewb that uses small protrusions and slots for alignment. It has frosted plastic, and comes with green GES installed for tensioning.

It has a Firm Structure Hardly POP with symmetry locked clips design. Inserted nuts, with two distances: Big distance-Loose, Small distance-Tight.

When curiosity meets cubes, the fun chain-reaction starts. It is a must try light and durable skewb for Inexhaustible Fun!

Customer Reviews

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Preeti Sharma

GAN Monster Go Skewb

best budget skewb.

very good quality product. this is my main cube. every cuber can buy this cube, it makes my average 10. YouTube video placeholder
Eric Jerush F

GAN Monster Go Skewb

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