QiYi X-Man Tornado v2 3x3 (Magnetic)

QiYi X-Man Tornado v2 3x3 (Magnetic)

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The QiYi X-Man Tornado v2 is the latest 3x3 flagship release from QiYi. Yes, the fact that X-Man Designs packed so many features and so much performance into a speed cube at this incredible price range. 

Customization is ground-breaking. Not just because it gives you any number of customization but because it is so easy to understand and use. The turning feel is buttery and inspires you to want to turn faster and push this speed cube to its limits (which are hard to reach). 'Stickerless black internals' contrasts with red magnets and combine to create a striking look and a visually great looking speedcube. 

 The XMD Tornado V2 feels nice and light, weighing only 72 grams and At 55mm, this cube is great for those who prefer slightly smaller puzzles. It comes in beautifully packaged box and includes a heap of accessories

  • Jewel Storage Box, 
  • Leather Protection Bag 
  • Micro-fibre Wipe Down Cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Modification and Solving Instructions


  • 5 Adjustable magnet strengths (light, moderate, strong)
  • Dual-adjustment core (spring compression and screw depth)
  • 5 tension settings
  • 5 elasticity settings
  • You have 125 different customization options available to ensure this suits your turning style. 

Please note: when taking off and replacing the center caps, align the tabs on the underside of the center cap with the slot on the centerpiece. Do not disassemble the core by force as this may cause breakage. For best results, only use the dual-adjustment core system with the provided tool to make adjustments.

QiYi X-Man Tornado v2 3x3 (Magnetic)

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