SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer and Mat Set


Choice of Mat: Voxel Glow
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SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer and Mat Set

In the new G4 Pro Timer, the touchpads are canted outward to be more ergonomic and match a stacker's natural body geometry. Touchpads are curved to fit the natural curve of the hand, resulting in increased surface contact and more accurate stopping.

The LCD display is larger and angled towards the user for better readability. To reduce unintentional button pressing, both the power and reset buttons are protected by a raised section of the Timer housing. The new Timer is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (included), which have a longer life, are less expensive and more available to replace and have no air-shipping limitations. The new Pro Timer is compatible with Gen 3 Mats (and vice versa)

Endorsed by the World Cube Association (WCA) as the official timing device for Sport Stacking, the Stack Mat Pro combines a detachable precision Competition Timer accurate to 0.001 with super sensitive touchpads.

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