YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic

YJSKU: 1050067

Choice of Base: Black
Rs. 1,449.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mgc 5x5

Wel right out of the box it was super fast. It came with a few magnets, springs and a tentioning tool . It became really good after tightening and adding some weight
5 . You can definitely buy this if you want to sub 1.30 . Surely the best 5x5 after valk 5

Best 5×5 ever

This is the best 5×5 I ever tried. I made review in YouTube you can check on my channel
"Cubing guru"
Out of the box tensioning is loose so pop nd lock little
After setting up its best cube
Speed is buttery smooth
Most recommended cube
Just checkout YouTube review

Awesome cube, best 5×5 ever

It's the best 5×5 I ever tried
You can watch my review on YouTube (Cubing guru)
It's too fats out of the box, uncontrollable
I need to adjust tensioning , I tighten it as it was loose and pops sometimes with initial tensioning ,but after setting it up its pretty amazing
It's better than all flagship 5×5
Go for it if u want 5×5
Worth buying
Value for money

Faster Cube

Speed - Much faster than Valk5 ootb, but can be adjusted with setup.
Magnets - the outer magnets are the same strength as those of the Valk5, but inner magnets seem weaker, which I prefer.
Feel - it feels like a mix between an Aochuang GTS and a Valk5, combining the best things from both (smoothness of Aochuang, crispy feel of Valk5.) Also, just holding the cube, the pieces feel more rounded at the edges, kind of like the Aochuang GTS.
Corner cutting - corner cutting of outer layers is as good as the Valk, but when you try to corner cut two inner layers, say doing Uw' 90% of the way, and then doing an Rw' without completing the previous move, it causes really serious lockups.
If we take another scenario, but replacing Uw' with U' the lockups are almost non existent, as compared to the Valk.

Stability - same as the Valk.
Final thoughts - this cube performs as well as the Valk5 and much better than Aochuang GTS at less than half of the price, I would recommend it to anybody wanting a new 55, be it a beginner or someone who is sub 1. But I would also encourage trying it out at a competition and comparing it with a Valk, as some people might prefer that over the MGC.

too good for the price

Being just 200 Rupees more expensive than the Little Magic, it performs nearly 200 times better.Just one day of breaking in the lube I put it became very very good.YJ has very low prices but very high performance.I was very impressed with this cube.It has a very light spring noise but other than that this cube is perfect.

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