YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic (Refurbished)


YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic (Refurbished)

YJSKU: 1060036R

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YJ MGC 6x6 uses 144 magnets inside with magnet slots, the core stress point guarantees precise positioning, elaborate magnetic force, and elasticity. Multiple inner circle clips are interlocked layer by layer, with reverse orbit. The structure provides a stable and smooth turning feel and improves the performance of anti-scattering and error-proof layers.

MGC6’s lightweight can effectively reduce fatigue during holding, small size brings more flexible control & the combination of the two creates a comfortable quick-twist feel. A large area of air defense & air design ensures a smooth feel without getting


Refurbished products are non-returnable

These products are refurbished (Used/Second hand) and has been tested and certified to work and look like new. The refurbishment process may include replacing parts, cleaning, and functionality testing, inspection, and repackaging the product to ensure it is in good working order. The product may have minor imperfections and signs of wear and tear, but is in overall good condition.

Please note that these products are refurbished, which means it has been pre-owned and has undergone a refurbishment process to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality and functionality. As a result of the refurbishment process, the product may have some cosmetic blemishes but it should still function properly. We encourage our customers to carefully review the product description before making a purchase.

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YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic (Refurbished)

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