YJ YuShi v2 M 6x6 Magnetic

YJSKU: 1060034

Rs. 1,149.00

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Surprisingly Good

Fluidity - Fluidity on this cube is surprisingly good, especially for the price. While I do get slightly more catches on the Yushi V2 M than my main, it's not that big a deal and it's partly due to the fact that my turning is extremely acclimated to my main, the Shadow M, which is much lighter and sturdier.
Stability - The cube is not at all flimsy, which makes is very suitable for beginner-intermediate cubers, but it's flexible enough that faster solvers will enjoy it as well.

Verdict - this cube is absolutely phenomenal, especially for the price. While it won't replace my main, it is a very enjoyable cube to solve and I find myself occasionally doing long sessions on this cube. It's definitely the best budget 6x6, and can compete with flagships for some people as well.
Feel - The feel is surprisingly nice for a budget 6x6. It feels as good as most flagships, and has a robust, solid feel. The weight is also good, it's not too heavy, which is important since with heavy cubes I tend to tire out very quickly while practicing.
Speed - speed is an important aspect for big cubes, particularly budget 6x6s, since this is one aspect in which most 6x6s fall short in comparison to their corresponding 5x5s and 7x7s. I'm pleased to say that the speed of this cube is great. It was actually too fast out of the box due to the stock lube, but after cleaning it and setting it up with my preferred setup, the speed is perfect.
Magnet strength - magnetic budget big cubes from other companies tend to have really weak magnets, but the Yushi V2 M has great magnet strengths which complement the other characteristics of the cube well. They're not overbearingly strong, but they do their job well.

Really Good

the performance is really good for its price
magnets are a really nice strength
there are minor lockups and catches but less than most budget 6x6s
speed is moderately fast
its the best cube at the price point, instead of getting something like the meilong as your first 6x6, get this its really good

Best Budget Magnetic 6x6 Cube

This is the best budget magnetic 6x6 cube in the market compared to other cubes.. awesome for beginners and intermediate cubers

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