April Calendar Puzzle Solutions


The calendar puzzle consists of printed squares on a board, the months of January through December are printed inside these squares. For example, one square has January printed on it, and another has June printed on it. Apart from these 12 squares, consisting of months, 31 other squares have the numbers 1-31 printed inside them. These denote the dates 1-31. So, now that we know what a calendar puzzle looks like, let’s figure out how to solve it.

A calendar puzzle is solved for a day by covering every square except the ones denoting the day. For example, if we want to solve the calendar puzzle for March 1st, we have to cover every square in the puzzle except for two, the square having March printed on it, and the square having 1 printed on it.

Well, if your looking for solution to some other months you can refer the link as follows JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember and, OctoberNovember and December. Let’s figure out the solutions for April! Note that there may be multiple different solutions for one day.

April 1

april 1

April 2

april 2

April 3

april 3

April 4

april 4

April 5

april 5

April 6

april 6

April 7

april 7

April 8

april 8

April 9

april 9

April 10

april 10

April 11

april 11

April 12

april 12

April 13

april 13

April 14

april 14

April 15

april 15

April 16

april 16

April 17

april 17

April 18

april 18

April 19

april 19

April 20

april 20

April 21

april 21

April 22

april 22

April 23

april 23

April 24

april 24

April 25

april 25

April 26

april 26

April 27

april 27

April 28

april 28

April 29

april 29

April 30

april 30

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