best rubik's cube for beginners

Cube is a 3D Combination puzzle that has been very popular since the early 1980s. Cubing has evolved a lot since then, as now everyone is eager to learn to solve this magic cube and wants to do it as fast as possible. 
Various cube manufacturing companies like GAN, MoYu, QiYi, Yuxin, etc have added so many features like magnetization, additional lubricants and also have worked in its design to increase its performance to give a stable feel.  
If you are a beginner and wanted to explore your cubing experience then the cubes listed below are perfect to start with. Even if you are an intermediate or a professional cuber these cubes meet the requirement of all skill level solvers.

1. MoYu RS3M 2020 3x3 Magnetic

best cubes for beginners

MoYu RS3M 3x3 Magnetic is an economy-friendly puzzle with a robust mechanism that is great for all levels of solvers.
The MFJS RS3M features rounded corners, improved corner cut-outs, a new color scheme, a double adjustment system that can be used to adjust the spring elasticity, and magnet holes with 48 perfectly aligned magnets. The magnetic attraction between the parts improves efficiency while minimizing unnecessary emissions and clogging.

It offers a high level of quality and performance. Whether you are a pro solver or a novice who has just started cubing then this is perfect for you!

2. Cubelelo Little Magic 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

best speed cube for beginners

Cubelelo Little Magic 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic) is an upgrade of Yuxin little magic and is one of Cubelelo's most affordable magnetic cube offerings. 
Due to the introduction of unique magnetic elements, this cheap 3x3 magnet is sharper and more stable than ordinary Little Magic. With its compact size and detachable design, this cube is ideal for those who like fast and controlled cubes. Its magnetic positioning ensures precise symmetrical patterns during rotation.

Its performance is enhanced by a combination of Special Elite lube on the core and Cubelelo Premium lube on the pieces which improves speed as well as stability. This cube is perfect for beginners as well as pro solvers. Also if you are a one-hand solver then this is for you.

3. QiYi MS 3x3 Magnetic


>best beginner rubik's cube

The QiYi MS 3x3 Magnetic is an incredible budget 3x3 from the "MS" series! This 3x3 features a robust magnetic feel with smooth, light turning. This 3x3 features a clean, crispy feel that gives an excellent precise solving experience. This version is additionally exceeding expectations and offers a surprisingly high level of quality and performance. This puzzle is one of the foremost impressive economic releases we've seen. This puzzle is certain to please speedcubers around the world from beginner to advanced levels. It comes in both stickerless and black versions.

If you are a fan of QiYi cubes then this is the best budget cube for you!

4. MFJS MeiLong 3M 3x3 Stickerless (Magnetic)

best speed cubes for beginners

The MFJS MeiLong 3x3 Stickerless (Magnetic) is a great product and is one of the beloved choices amongst cubers and this variant is definitely worth it. It features Magnet slots for precise magnet positioning. It offers great performance, a light-weight design, and a stickerless, matte surface finish. This is a superb choice for all skill levels. It offers stable turning and a medium/light magnetic feel which offers perfect strength and precise symmetric pattern while rotation. Its lightweight design and size make it handy and also makes learning and solving great fun!

5. Cubelelo Drift 3x3

best cubes for beginners

Drift is the budget-friendly cube in the 3x3 segment introduced by Cubelelo. Its steady design makes it less prone to accidental damage. The hand feel of drift is upgraded to give a wonderful feel while solving. New half bright stickers look attractive and pleasing. It is a great choice for a novice who has just started cubing then there is no better cube to get started with.

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What To Look For In Cube?

Everyone has their own considerations when it comes to choosing a cube. However, it is a mix of traits that influence this decision. These are the basic things that help in determining the overall quality and seamless functionality the cube has to offer.

Turning :

Generally, in terms of turning speed, cubes can be divided into two categories: Fast turning cubes and Smooth turning cubes.

Fast Turning Cubes: 

These speed cubes have less friction between the layers, which means minimal air resistance, so the rotation of each layer looks easy, fast, and requires very little effort. However, as a beginner, you may not always have control over the layers. You can also use the cube timers to test your solving speed.


Smooth Turning Cubes:

Cubes belonging to this category have greater friction between the layers. Give the layer a smooth feeling and precise rotation. Although these cubes have greater resistance, you can have a lot of control over the movement. There is no difference between these two categories. It is important to understand whether the cube is perfectly integrated with such functions. For example, it is obvious that a fast-turning cube does not provide any control, so it is clearly not effective and does not help execute the algorithm. A smooth rotating cube requires a lot of effort to rotate the layer. As a result, its design is poor because it will cost you a lot of energy and speed.

Corner Cutting:

Corner cutting is a cube's ability to rotate even if the vertical face is not fully aligned while an algorithm is running. In fact, cubes now allow a 45-degree corner cut. This means that the cube can be realigned if the top of the face is rotated 45 degrees forward. In the event that you are speed cubing, corner-cutting is a characteristic that you must look out for as it is an essential factor.


Who doesn’t want a stable cube! The stability of a cube is decided by its flexibility and frequency of deformity. In simple words, cubes with poor stability may result in an unsolvable puzzle if one or more corner pieces twist.

Whether you're a novice or want to compete in solving competition, it's always a secure bet to choose a stable cube.


We have seen above how important it's to possess control over your movements. However, the new and growing trend of magnetic cubes gives tons of control to the player. In fact, you can even magnetize cubes yourself! But which may prove challenging due to the inner design.

There are many magnetized cubes within the market today that offer you great control while applying an algorithm. As overwhelming because it is, if you're a beginner, we wouldn’t recommend it because you ought to ideally start out with a natural feel of the movement of every block and layer. However, if you want to learn to speed cube, magnetic cubes will truly help.


This property can be clearly seen in cubes with larger dimensions such as 4x4, 5x5, and more, as these cubes have a complex design. The more layers a cube has, the more often it'll lock up.


Tensions are what hold the entire cube together. When you make adjustments to the tensions, you bring all the layers together and provides them more room for one another. One surprising aspect is that creating these adjustments would automatically affect all the characteristics we discussed above! However, not all cubes require manual adjustments.


Stickerless cubes are quite a popular choice nowadays. However, some people still prefer cubes with stickers. But none of those determines the standard of the cube. Opting for a cube with or without stickers is totally your decision. Stickers are available different shades from half-bright to full bright.

However, one good thing about stickerless cubes is that you simply don’t got to worry they're going to wear off within the future. But with stickers, it becomes easy to catch color in the fast movement. Nevertheless, stickers on a cube don’t influence the choice of choosing it.

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Conclusion :

When it comes to making a choice among these puzzles the most important thing that you should take into account is your personal style. Style varies from person to person and the design of the puzzle is what differentiates the better options from the fewer quality ones. It is up to you to find the balance between speed and control and to go with an option that resonates with your turning style.

Check out the official Cubelelo website for more cubing products! Also, Comment down your first cube as a beginner! 

Happy Cubing!





There is no rounded cubes available

Yash kalani

Yash kalani

To buy the cube from COD:-
1:- go to pay via gpay/upi section
2:- fill all details
3:- on pay option you will find COD

Jay Karan

Jay Karan

How to buy cube in cubelelo in cash on delivery

HaraSundar Das

HaraSundar Das

My first cube was CUBELELO 3m. It is an awesome cube..

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