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The 7x7 Rubik's cube is a high-order combinational puzzle. It was invented by Paniogiotis Verdes and is produced by the Greek Company Verdes Innovations SA. 

There are 8 corner "cubies", 60 edges and 150 centers (6 fixed , 144 movables). It has roughly 19.5 duoquinquagintillion permutations.

This puzzle seems very interesting while solving as its algorithm is similar to the one used in the previous order of the cube puzzle. Let's discuss the top 5 7X7 speed cubes that you should definitely consider.

1. YJ MGC 7x7 Magnetic


The YJ MGC 7x7 completed the MGC series from YJ which provides high-quality puzzles in a very affordable price range. The product is a steal for its price.

MGC 7x7 is magnetized with 144 magnets, providing a controllable and stable turning experience. The segmented internal structure improves torsional stability, while the equilateral core design solves the lock-up problem. The outer layer is widened to improve turning stability, while the lower weight improves grip and speed resolution. It is available in both black and stickerless versions. The overall performance of this cube is very good, it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced cube solver, this cube is suitable for everyone.

2. QiYi X-Man Design Spark 7x7 Magnetic

best 7x7 speed cube

QiYi X-Man Design Spark 7x7 M is a magnetic 7x7 specially designed to improve speed resolution. It has a smaller size and a lighter design, with a medium to strong magnetism.
These features make the Spark exceptionally stable, reliable and give a smooth turning experience. 

It is available in both stickered as well as stickerless versions. If you are a fan of QiYi Cube or have used previous versions of this cube, this is made for you.

3. YJ YuFu v2 M 7x7 Magnetic

best budget 7x7 cube

The YJ YuFu V2 M 7X7 is a magnetic 7x7 cube from YJ. It has extremely soft outer layers, mixed with a medium-light magnetic feel, make this puzzle a pleasure to turn and is budget-friendly.
It is extremely fast because of which it has to be tensioned in the beginning. Also, it has the least tendency to lockups and pop-ups making it the best option for people who want the smooth cubing experience without the least amount of frustration. It is an excellent choice for all skill level solvers.

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4. YuXin Little Magic 7M 7x7 Magnetic

best 7x7 magic cube

The YuXin Little Magic 7x7 M is a new low-cost 7x7 magnetic puzzle that features vibrant, light tones with no stickers, a medium / strong magnetic feel, and smooth, even rotations.
It has considerably fewer lockups and has an astonishing performance and is an excellent choice for all skill levels. 

5. QiYi QiXing S2 7x7 Stickerless

best 7x7 stickerless cube

The QiYi QiXing S2 7x7 is a new entry-level 7x7 and is an upgrade of its previous version QiYi QiXing S 7x7. Planning to start solving 7x7 without spending much, this is the perfect one for you. 

With many improved features like a flexible, easy-to-control size layout and a large corner design optimized for superior corner cutting, it's a great choice for beginners who are eager to solve large cubes. Its bright color is extremely attractive which makes people want to add this to their cart!  



As you are a cuber now, you can now find out which cube works for you according to your requirements. These are considered overall as the best options on the market and you can’t go wrong with either of them depending on what you need. Also, comment down your favorite 7x7 cube and what makes it best for you.

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Happy Cubing!

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