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Solving a Rubik’s cube requires a lot of patience and strong will to come to the desired outcome. What time do you think that it would take to solve a cube which is having a higher dimension?

6x6 is a twisting puzzle similar to Rubik’s cube. It was invented by Panagiotis Verdes and later manufactured by many other companies, such as Shengshou, Moyu, Qiyi, Yuxin, etc. It has 8 vertices, 48 ​​edges, and 96 centers. This cube has 157 decillion possible permutations. Challenging and addictive, here are definitely some of the best 6X6 speed cubes you should try!

1. YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic

best 6x6 speedcube

YJ MGC 6X6 Magnetic is an all-new product from the YJ brand. It is currently the best 6x6 cube and is in great demand. The price range of MGC products is a unique mixture of great performance yet available at affordable prices. 
There are 144 magnets inside, with magnetic grooves, the tension point in the middle can ensure accurate positioning, magnetic field strength, and elasticity. The overall structure provides a stable and smooth turning feel and improves the performance of anti-scattering and error-proof layers. The spacious airspace design provides a smooth feeling without getting stuck. Whether you are a beginner or a speed solver, you should try this cube.

2. QiYi X-Man Shadow v2 M 6x6 (Magnetic)

best budget 6x6 cube

QiYi X Man Shadow v2 M 6x6 is the latest release and an upgraded version of previously released 6x6 X Man Shadow M and is more compact, much lighter and more stable. The positioning of the magnets provides a convenient and faster cubing experience. It also features an optimized structure to decrease lockups and to provide great corner cutting and tolerance. It comes in both stickered and stickerless versions. If you are looking for a reliable , top of the line 6x6, this could be it! 

3. QiYi Qifan S v2 6x6 (Magnetic)

6x6 speed cube

The QiYi QiFan S v2 6x6 is an all-new upgrade of its previous version. Its magnetic positioning provides a convenient and faster cubing experience. Its optimized structure decreases lockups and provides great corner cutting and tolerance. This cube out of the box is bit tight but after few solves it becomes smooth. The QiFan is a perfect option for beginners as well as an advanced-level solver or someone who is looking for a cost-effective 6x6 cube. Apart from being budget-friendly this cube features vibrant bright stickerless shades and gives smooth turning after a few solves.

4. Yuxin Little Magic 6x6 Magnetic

best 6x6 rubiks cube

Yuxin Little Magic 6x6 Magnetic has a more robust design without sacrificing performance. This is YuXin's latest 6x6 magnetic speed cube. This is an excellent magnetic speed cube for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. It provides you with great durability and good magnetic strength with decent corner-cutting.

5. YJ YuShi v2 M 6x6 Magnetic


best 6x6 magnetic speed cube

This magnetic cube of YJ has an internal mechanism that includes a safety magnet for positioning, dual corner feet, and a deep non-stick mechanism. It is equipped with an internal porous mechanism to improve stability and helps in avoiding confusion between the layers.

The deep anti-sticky structure increases the performance of the cube. The outstanding performance of this cube will make the cubers go back to solve it again and again.


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This list allows you to explore various options and choose the cube whose features you like the most. You can always make the best use of Cube accessories to make them better for your handling! Visit the Cubelelo official website for more cubing products. Have fun with cubes! And mention your favorite 6x6 Rubik’s cube as a beginner in the comment section.

Happy Cubing!


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