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Solving Rubik's cube is exciting! Isn't it?! Speedcubing is the fastest solve of the Rubik's Cube that you will ever see! And Speedcubers can solve the Rubik's Cube at lightning speed. Cubing, as a sport, is now gaining huge popularity, especially among youngsters. 

The world of speedcubing has given us some record breaking cubers with mind-blowing skills. Here are some of the best cubers from India who have contributed a lot to the cubing community and created history, thereby setting an example for other aspiring cubers. Let's have a look at their achievements in no particular order or ranking.

1. Atharva R. Bhatt

For Atharva Bhat, solving a Rubik's cube is a simple task that only takes him a minute. Though he is the youngest in the speedcubing community – a mere 8-year-old – Atharva has broken records by solving three Rubik's Cubes simultaneously in 1 minute 29.97 seconds using his hands and feet. 

Hailing from Bangalore, he completed the finger-flailing feat on 9 December 2020, using 3x3x3 rotating puzzle cubes. He beat the previous record holder's solve time by over 6 seconds. 

Atharva is also frequently participating in the WCA (World Cube Association) Events. His first inspiration to attempt a Guinness World Records (GWR) title came way back at the WCA competition in Bangalore in 2017. With the continuous support of his family and a passion for cubing, this is just the beginning of Atharva's record-breaking journey. 

Atharva Bhatt

2. Illayaram Sekar 

Chennai-based Illayaram Sekar has surely spent most of his time submerged in water in a glass tank. He has earned a Guinness World Record for the most number of Rubik's cubes solved underwater, in one breath, which is 6 cubes in 2 minutes and 17 seconds! 

However, this is not his first Guinness title. He earned the first title in 2016 when he solved 700 Rubik's cubes in 6 hours 19 minutes while cycling continuously. The record title is for 'Most number People solving Rubik's Cube', for which he trained 3,997 students of Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Schools, Chennai. 

The serial record-setter, Sekar, has also recently submitted another evidence to Guinness World Records, for the most cubes solved while hanging upside down with 72 solves in 26 minutes.

best indian cuber

3. Prithveesh K. Bhat

Though a Master of Engineering student, Prithvessh has definitely walked a thousand miles ahead in using his logic and reasoning to create something beyond normal. This passion gifted him with numerous world records and also a Doctorate!

In 2016, Pritveesh, along with his team 'SDMIT Cubers' consisting of 20 members, created a vertical Rubik's cube mosaic wall that portrayed the picture of Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean on one side and Charlie Chaplin on the other. The mosaic wall consisted of 4500 3x3x3 cubes measuring 14.98sqm, standing approximately 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. What's more, is that it was built in 7 hours! 


This mosaic was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as 'Largest Dual Sided Rubik's Cube Mosaic.' He has also set another record for 'Most contributions to a Rubik's cube mosaic' by leading the team of 293 members. He also wrote a book named 'Rubik Magic' in 2015! Multitalented, isn't he?

best speedcuber

4. Krishnam Raju Gadiraju

This Bengaluru-based, 28-year-old will tell you all about his obsession with the Rubik's cube. What began as a fascination led him into the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records. 

He received his first Guinness title in October 2014 for solving a whopping 2,176 Rubik's cube in 24 hours using only his left hand. He earned the second title in October 2016 when he solved 170 cubes on a unicycle in less than 90 minutes.

But that's not all! Gadiraju also bagged two more titles for his feats. In October 2017, he broke the world record by being the fastest to solve the Soma Cube in 2.88 seconds. It is a dissection puzzle invented in 1936 with 7 pieces that must be assembled into a 3x3x3 cube. 

Around the same time, he also became the fastest cuber to solve 2 Rubik's Cubes simultaneously underwater. Gadiraju completed the puzzle in 53.51 seconds! It seems like Gadiraju is constantly on the lookout for new records waiting to be broken!

Krishnam Gadiraju - best cuber

 5. Arumugam PK

For PK Arumugam of Tamil Nadu, his fingers will always be meddling with the Rubik's cube. In 2017, he solved 1010 cubes while cycling without allowing his feet to touch the ground. He completed the task successfully in 6 hours 7 minutes, and 44 seconds. 

His second record was listed in Guinness World Record when his team consisting of 293 people, created a Tiger portrait from 1200 cubes in support of Tiger Conservation of India.

In October 2019 when he solved 2815 Rubik's cube in one hand in just 24hrs and breaking the former record of Krishnam Raju Gadiraju of 2,176 cubes.

best cuber from india

Wrapping it Up!

Isn't solving a Rubik's Cube an exciting challenge? We hope that this list of Indian Record Breakers has inspired you to pick your Rubik's Cubes! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a speed cube today and get practising. Who knows, you could be the next record breaker the world is waiting for!

If you haven't bought a speedcube yet or are looking for amazing accessories, head over to and avail great offers! Happy Cubing!  

Are you a speedcuber on the lookout to break records? Share your journey in the comments below!

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