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Speedcubing is a well-loved sport that involves solving a variety of combination puzzles! The most famous one is the 3x3x3 puzzle. It entails executing a series of moves that transform a scrambled cube into a state where every face is a single, solid colour. 

The community of passionate people about the Rubik’s Cube is a large one and growing in the country. And many speedcubers across India fight for the speedsolving titles. This post touches upon Indian cubers who have broken World and Asian Records with amazing solve times, thereby inspiring many while leaving others mind blown! Read on!

1) Shivam Bansal

Shivam Bansal

A student from Agra, Shivam, has set the world record for solving multiple Rubik’s Cube blindfolded by solving 48/48 cubes. On his win, Shivam says, “For those who don’t know, this involves first memorizing 48 Rubik’s cube scrambled and then putting on a blindfold on the eyes and solving all of them at a stretch without removing the blindfold and within one hour.”

Shivam has also broken two Asian Records and 19 National Records. He earned one silver medal in Asian Championship 2016 in China and two bronze medals in Asian Championship 2014 in Japan. He has won more than 300 medals and trophies overall in different national and international Rubik’s cube championships. We believe there are yet more awards to come!

2) Bhargav Narasimhan

Bhargav Narasimhan

Bhargav Narasimhan, a doctor with a pharmaceutical company, surely has a passion for cubing. He first earned a name for himself by holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to solve five Rubik’s Cubes one-handed at 1 minute and 23 seconds. 

He has also represented India at the World Rubik’s Cube championship 2017 in Paris. Apart from these, he has 4 CR’s, 42 NR’s, and more than 370 medals. Bhargav ambitiously says, “To bring home India’s first 3x3 one-handed gold media is my biggest aspiration.” Well, we look forward to his future games and hope his dreams do come true!

3) Arnav Arora

Arnav Arora

Arnav Arora was surely born with golden fingers! He has been solving the Rubik’s cube since 2016 and is also the fastest person in Asia to solve a 2x2x2 cube with an average of a mere 1.52 seconds! What’s more, is that he is a National Record holder in solving the 3x3x3 in just 7.88 seconds!




Additionally, he has also set three National Records in solving the 2x2x2 cube. He has competed in 24 competitions all over India. He has learnt to solve 13 different types of cubes, including many twisty puzzles like the Pyramix and Megaminx. Arnav has been adding many feathers to his hats, and his achievements are bound to leave people in awe of his talents!

4) Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Ghodgaokar

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar specializes in blindfolded events. In 2015, he set the Asian Record for 5x5 Blindfolded with a solve time of 6:09:33. He also won second place in Asian Championships 2016 in Beijing, China. 

Adding to his list of achievements, Abhijeet has also earned the title of 5x5 Blindfolded Nation Champion 2018, which Shivam Bansal previously held in 2017. He has also set for himself the title of 4x4 Blindfolded National Champion 2017, which Sukant Koul previously held in 2016.  

Hear from the player himself in Twisting with Abhijeet, an exclusive interview by Cubelelo!

5) Aryan Chhabra

Aryan Chhabra

Hailing from New Delhi, Aryan Chabbra set a new national-level record in the International Cube Competition by solving a 3x3x3 cube in just 7.29 seconds. However, in 2019, Aryan Chhabra was declared the fastest solver in India with a solve time of 4.91 seconds! He also earned a National Record to his name with a 7.61 official 3x3 average.

Apart from setting a name in the world of speedcubing, Aryan Chabbra is also rocking the screen in a music video that is set to release in 2021! He truly is a man of many talents.

Want more Cubing Action?

Are you a novice or an expert cuber? Either way, it is crucial to be a part of local cubing communities around you. The COVID-19 pandemic has, however, led to the shutdown of many cubing competitions across the world. But one such Cubing Event that has brought cubers together once again is the CSUL (Cubelelo Speed Cubing Un-Locked) events. 

speed cubing unlock

CSUL hosts various events like the 3x3, 3x3 one-handed, 4x4, 5x5, Pyraminx and clock – almost all of which are also official events. CSUL is held every month and is open to players across the country. To know more about the previously held CSUL Events, read here or head over to the official Cubelelo website to register for the upcoming CSUL event!  

Wrapping it up! 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are new to the world of cubing and have never competed in any cubing events, CSUL is the right platform. Who knows, you might soon be on the ladder to earning yourself International and other National Cubing Records! Keep Practicing! 

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Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Shivam is very good in chess and astrophotography as well. The most talented kid that I know.

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