Online Rubik's Cube Competitions During Covid-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has truly affected cubing competitions across the globe. We have not only lost freedom of movement but also the socially cubing competitions that were held at a huge scale. Many cubers have said that they go to competitions to meet other cubers and a part of the community in the real sense.

However, there is always a silver lining, and that was the online CSUL (Cubelelo SpeedCubing Un-Locked) events. CSUL hosts a variety of events like the 3x3, 3x3 One Hand, 4x4, 5x5, Pyraminx and Clock - almost all of which are also official WCA events. 

Let's take a look at some of the important aspects of this online cubing competition.

Participation and registration

The CSUL is held every month and participants can register on the official Cubelelo website. The competition is open to all WCA and Non-WCA participants. Non-WCA participants will receive a personal SpeedCubing Un-Locked ID called the 'Cubelelo ID' or CL ID. On the other hand, WCA participants can register themselves with their WCA ID. However, if a player already has a previous CL ID, they can participate in using that same ID.  

Till date, 9 CSUL events have been hosted with over 7000 registrations. Register yourself today for the next CSUL event!

Submissions of Solves

As a participant, you are required to record a video of your solve during the event. You can then upload the video onto Cubelelo website for verification. Cubelelo's team of experts ensure that all the important elements of the videos are correct – the scrambles, submission time, the authenticity of the solves, etc. If the experts feel that the video is not true to its nature, the participant can be disqualified.

Live Streaming of CSUL for audiences

As an audience, you can view the results of the events on the 'live result page'. If you love to watch SpeedCubing battles, you can check out the Livestream of the top participants on Cubebelo's YouTube Channel – Cubelelo_Offical.

You can check out this SpeedCubing battle in the CSUL 8.0 edition between the top 8 players, the winner of which was Nikhil Soares. Exciting, isn't it?

Scrambles for the events

It is mandatory that participants know how to scramble for the events that they participate in. Scrambling the Cube ensures that there are no unfair and unjust means involved in your solves. If you are not accustomed to scrambling Cubes for events, check out these videos on Cubelelo_Official for NxN events, other events like the Pyraminx, Megaminx, Square-1 and Skweb and Clock.

CSUL Winners!!

Here is a shout out to our CSUL Winners!


Vijay Kishore


Aryan Chhabra


Nikhil Soraes

Summing it up! 

As you participate in the CSUL events, you must note that CSUL is in no way affiliated with the WCA. It is a fun and entertaining Speed Cubing competition that everyone can be a part of. However, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed, which are similar to that of WCA competition regulations that can be read on their official website. If you want to know more about CSUL and have any queries, you can visit the competitions section of the official Cubelelo Website.

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