5 Best Cubes of 2023 - The Ultimate Guide

Cubing today is quite popular, especially with the advent of speed cubes. Therefore, we bring you to the ultimate buying guide. This guide will enable you to choose the best cubes and, at the same time, understand what makes a cube the best. 

If you are a novice to cubing, then it is recommended that you read through the parameters of a cube below before jumping onto the list of cubes to make a purchase. Of course, buying a cube is influenced by a huge aspect of preferences, but there are certain characteristics that all puzzles share.

The best cubes today are made by various manufacturers over the internet. Some of the most popular manufacturers (as you will see later in this article) are GAN, MoYu, QiYi, YJ, and a few other models. 

What to look for in a Rubik’s cube? 

Everyone has their own considerations when it comes to choosing a cube. However, it is a mix of traits, features, or characteristics that influence this decision. They help in determining the overall quality and seamless functionality the cube has to offer.  


Cubes can generally fall into two categories when it comes to the speed of turning. These categories are fast-turning cubes and smooth-turning cubes. 

  • Fast turning cubes
  • Such cubes optimized for speed, have lesser friction between the layers. This means there is minimal resistance. Therefore, turning the layers feels light, and fast, and requires very little effort. With such a cube, you can quickly perform algorithms and reach your goal at the earliest. However, you might not always be in control of the layers if you are a beginner. You can also check the speed of solving a cube using cube timers.

  • Smooth turning cubes
  • The cubes that fall into this category have more friction between the layers. It gives a smooth feeling and provides precise layer turns. Even though such cubes have more resistance, you will have quite a control over the movements. 

    Between these two categories, there is no better choice. It is important to understand whether or not the cube is integrated perfectly with such characteristics. For example, a fast-turning cube that provides no control is definitely poorly made and will not help in the execution of algorithms. Similarly, if a smooth-turning cube requires a lot of effort to turn the layers, it has been poorly designed as it will cost you a lot of energy and speed. 


    Corner cutting is the ability of a cube to make a turn even if the vertical face is not completely aligned while performing an algorithm. In the event that you are speedcubing, corner-cutting is a characteristic that you must look out for as it is an essential factor. 

    This characteristic offers room for flexibility and fluidity. In fact, the cubes today allow for 45 degrees of corner-cutting. The cube can realign when the top face is turned over 45 degrees forward. 

    But how can you recognize a good corner-cutting? Well, corner-cutting is executed effortlessly! You can tell a poor design if it interrupts your algorithm execution. A poorly designed cube will eventually slow you down and distract your movements. 


    Who doesn’t want a stable cube? The stability of a cube is determined by its flexibility and frequency of deformity. In simple words, Rubik’s cubes with poor stability can result in an unsolvable puzzle if one or more corner pieces twist. 

    Whether you are a novice or want to compete in solving competitions, it is always a safe bet to opt for a stable cube. 


    We have seen above how important it is to have control over your movements. However, the new and growing trend of magnetic cubes gives a lot of control to the player. 

    There are many magnetized cubes in the market today that give you great control while applying an algorithm. As overwhelming as it is, if you are a beginner, we wouldn’t recommend it because you should ideally start out with a natural feel of the movement of each block and layer. However, if you want to learn to speedcube,  magnetic cubes will truly help.


    Catching is when a layer of a cube catches onto another layer. This can disrupt the execution of your algorithm and can distract you. Cubes that are perfectly designed have minimal catching. But the ones that are poorly designed will have a higher frequency of catching, thereby running your experience. Essentially catching is caused by bad corner-cutting in fast-turning cubes. 


    This characteristic is clearly evident in cubes of higher dimensions like 4x4, 5x5, and more. This is because such cubes have complex designs. The more layers a cube has, the more often it will lock up. 


    Tensions are what hold the entire cube together. When you make adjustments to the tensions, you bring all the layers together and give them more room between each other. One surprising aspect is that making these adjustments would automatically affect all the characteristics we discussed above! However, not all cubes require manual adjustments. 

    5 Best Cubes of 2023

    The cubes listed below are excellent choices for both beginners and advanced cubers. I recommend that you use this guide as a reference to buy the one that appeals to you the most.

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    1.Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic)

    This is the most affordable and high-quality magnetic cube available in India. If you're looking for a high-quality cube that's fast, smooth, and dependable, the Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic) is an excellent choice.

    Because of its magnetic properties, this cube is a total game changer. It's extremely smooth and fast, making it ideal for speedcubing.

    You'll get a consistent feel with each turn thanks to the 3M magnets, so you won't have to worry about pieces popping out while you're solving. It also has a good grip, which makes it easy to solve even if you're a beginner.

    Watch the Full Review of our Newly Launched Drift Collection, here.

    2.QiYi X-Man Tornado v3 3x3

    It's extremely smooth and fast, making it ideal for speedcubing. It also has a distinct magnetic feel that makes it a joy to use. The magnets also help to stabilize the cube and reduce lockups, which is a big plus.

    What really distinguishes the Tornado v3 is its ability to cut corners. It can handle some extremely tight turns, allowing you to push yourself to solve problems faster and more efficiently. 

    Overall, the Tornado v3 is an outstanding cube. It's tough, easy to hold, and just feels great in your hands. 

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    3.Drift Warrior 3x3 (Cubelelo Drift 3x3 Speed Cube for Beginners)

    Cubelelo Drift Warrior is one of the most beloved choices amongst Cubers, and this variant is definitely worth it. If you are a beginner, there is no better Rubik’s Cube to get started with. The cube is stickerless and comes in beautiful colors on a frosted plastic surface. This makes learning and solving great fun! 

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    4.GAN 356 M 3x3 (Magnetic)

    GAN is one of the best manufacturers of cubes and easily is among the top of the market. The GAN 356 M 3x3 Cube is definitely one of the most popular speed cubes ever and doesn’t seem to go out of the market anytime soon. You want to ensure that you are getting value for money, and this cube, hands down, is truly innovative. The GAN 365 M is a premium cube overall and the most adjustable cube with over 72 configurations! The dual adjustment can help you modify the magnet strength easily. Corner cutting is, no doubt, incredible as it doesn’t pop and is ideal for speedcubing

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    5.MoYu RS3M 2020 3x3 (Magnetic)

    This cube has performed quite well and is widely popular. MoYu never fails to impress as a brand, and this is one of the best cubes that can be bought. It comes with dual adjustment systems, and the overall design makes it a fantastic puzzle. What’s more, is that this is a fast-turning cube. You can efficiently gain control over the movements. The cube is very lightweight and of standard size.

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    After reading this Cube buying guide, you can purchase and enjoy a great cubing experience. Check out our bundle offers. You need to remember that what might be the best cube for one might not suit your preferences. You should consider buying a cube that brings along features that appeal to you the most. This is because the quality of the cube will determine the beginning of this journey if you are a beginner. Keep in mind that you can tweak the features and functionality of a cube to some extent and give it more smoothness. Happy cubing!




    bruh,the best is obviously the gan 11 m pro

    Roman Terry

    Roman Terry

    There is nothing more irratating than a review site that does it solely for affiliate commisions, which is all this review is for. All 5 cube reviews sound exactly the same. None aree based on criteria factors, so you cant tell which cube is better for what reason. A wasye of time, for me, hope others get something out of this.



    are MoYu WRM 2021 maglev, Valk Elite, Gan 356 Xs, RS3 M Maglev, Gan 11M Duo, ROADSIDE VENDORS!!!



    Go cube is the best

    sub10 solver

    sub10 solver

    I don’t get where this website is getting these metrics from, but the (mostly unkown) Cubelelo Drift cube is not one of the best, considering that the MoYu WRM, Valk Elite, Gan X, RS3 M Maglev, Gan 11M Duo, and a lot of other cubes are way better, and considering the price, MoFang Jiaoshi and QiYi have so many better cubes at the same price.



    Hi cubelelo I am going to buy cubelelo elite drift warrior magnetic cube. I want to know that it is best for me or not because I am a begineer and I am just learning to solve cube



    Oh also add the Gan 12 M Leap that’s literally one of the best too!!!!!!!

    d.mohamed haroon

    d.mohamed haroon

    include gan 12



    bru this was a good tutorial

    Guy wanting best cube money can buy

    Guy wanting best cube money can buy

    Tell me what THE best cube on the market is, no matter its cost #fast!!!

    that quiet kid in the corner of the room

    that quiet kid in the corner of the room

    What is the best cube brand for a beginner



    what is a cheap 3×3 speed cube that is under 600 and very good. cubelelo is an amazing site and i love it. i got a delivery in only 4 days and also a freebee and all of their cubes are very good so pls i want to get faster so pls recomend a good speed cube

    some dude

    some dude

    its a very good cube for beginners. its a classic 3×3 it has smooth turning and it is lighter than the average cube

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