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 If you are a cuber, especially a speedcuber, you need to time your solves. Several methods have been created for solving this puzzle. However, the key property of the game is to solve the puzzle in as little time as possible. 

The current record holder for the fastest solve is 3.47 seconds by Yusheng Du. People across the globe practice speedcubing with the goal to set their ultimate speed cube time. This is where Timers play an important role. 

Timers usually have their own features based on the manufacturer that you choose and also based on your preference. It is possible that what suits someone might not be preferable to you, especially if you are not familiar with the quality and capabilities of the timer. In this article, we have reviewed the best Rubik’s cube timers that you should have. 

1. YJ Timer


The YJ Timer comes with little nubs on the back so that it can sit into a mat. It works on 2 AAA batteries. The reset button is situated towards the bottom. This is a great deal so that you do not hit on it by mistake and lose your time data. A surprising fact is that the reset button is hit by mistake at times in Championships as well. Therefore, this is definitely quite a great upgrade.

There are buttons on the top – power button, save button and the next button. What’s more, is that the sides are pressure sensitive. So, the timer would begin as soon as you tap on it. The YJ Timer works seamlessly with display and CS timer. It is affordable and quite comfortable to use, especially if you are just starting out. 

2. QiYi Timer

The QiYi Timer records up to a hundredth of a second. It also comes with a cable—one end of the cable plugs into the timer and the other plugs into a headphone jack. The back of the Qi Yi Timer has foam pads to protect the bottom. However, the bottom section can be easily parted as it contains magnets that can stick to the mat. 

The Qi Yi Timer works on batteries and has the power as well as the reset button quite largely displayed. The lights on the screen flash as the timer runs and stop when the timer is paused. It is a well-built model and has better functionality than the QJ Timer.

3. YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket comes in great colour options, but that’s not all. It is relatively smaller in size, can fit easily in your pocket and also works on batteries. The power switch toggle is placed on the left side along with infrared sensors on both sides. The right side also has an auxiliary display port which can display the timer on a computer or any device. The front face of the timer has the reset and the function button.

The best part about the YJ Pocket Timer is that it does not require any actual pads. It uses infrared technology to detect your hand motion to start and stop the timer. It is a great buy if you love to solve cubes whenever you feel like. You can carry the timer along with your Rubik’s cube anytime anywhere. 

4. SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer

The SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer works on batteries and has the power, save, reset and next buttons around the display. The palm pads are quite sensitive as the lights flash when the timer is running and stop when the timer stops. The timer can get easily mounted on the mat and can be connected to a wider display. It is quite an amazing upgrade as compared to the previous G3 model. This Cube Timer is the official timer for WCA Competitions. Though it might seem quite expensive, it is the best timer available in the market. What’s more, is that you can buy the entire SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer and Mat Set. 



How to use Cube Timers? 

You can start and stop a cube timer by hitting your palm on the side pads. If you wish to follow a professional guide, then as per WCA rules, the cube should be scrambled starting with a white face on the top and green face on the front. You can also buy official mats for your Cube Timers to protect it from damage.

What are the benefits of using Cube Timers?

Cube Timers have played a significant role in reducing the average solve time of a Rubik’s Cube puzzle, thereby making the game all the more challenging. Yusheng Du holds the current record of solving the Rubik’s Cube at 3.47 seconds. If you are serious about it, you should own a Cube Timer. 

Consideration when buying a cube timer

Not all cube timers are the same. And therefore, it is essential that we take a look at some common functionalities that you should beware of.

Pressure sensitivity tabs

A cube timer is designed such that you need to tap with your palms on the tabs to start and stop the timer. Therefore, you need to ensure that the timer you wish to purchase is pressure sensitive so that you do not miss a beat. Cube timers that do not start immediately after you tap on it are poorly designed. This functionality needs to be seamless so you can focus on solving the cube in as little time as possible. 


The cube timer should be stable since you would tap on it every time you begin and finish solving the cube. If the timer is not stable, you would miss out on a few seconds while tapping out after solving your cube, thereby inaccurately recording your speed time. 

Cube timers come with nubs on the back that easily stick on to the mats and stay stable until you relocate it. 

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Cable and connectivity slot 

The best way to use a cube timer is by connecting it to a device. The time displayed on your cube timer is also mirrored onto your device. It, therefore, becomes effortless to keep an eye out on your speed. 

Championships and other cube competitions usually use timers that can connect to larger displays. it is easier for the audience to engage with the game and observe the time. Therefore, you should ensure that the timer you wish to buy comes with such a cable that can be easily connected to an external device or display. 


Almost all the cube timers are powered by AAA batteries. You should check if the timer you wish to buy has slots for the battery. Usually, orders do not send a pack of batteries. Therefore, you should consider purchasing them separately. 


Cube Timers are extremely important if you are serious about cubing. As you keep practicing and defining new tactics, cube timers will help you enhance your speed and cubing skills. Timers are also utilized in championships and other competitions. The more you practice and execute algorithms with a timer, the more experienced and matured player you become. 

If cubing is your passion and you want to identify areas of improvement to get efficient with algorithms then you definitely should consider purchasing a cube timer!   


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Armaan Gupta

Armaan Gupta

Please add stackmat timer it is discontinued I want it pls make it continue as fast as possible.




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