Twisting with Cubers | An Interview Series by Cubelelo

Our host Prakshal will walk you through the journey of these Cubers, with his witty questions. Featuring the Ace Cubers in India and gems of Team Cubelelo - Sukant Koul, Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar, Sripad Sarma Katrapati, Vijay Kishore and more. 


Also featuring an enlightening session with Somya Srivastava - The first and only Indian Female WCA delegate! Stay tuned to get to know some interesting insights about your favorite cubers, the ones who have established themselves as the magicians of the so called "magic cube" over the years. 

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What they have to say about the evolving cubing scene??

What are their other interests??

What was their best and worst competition experiences??

How did they feel when they first broke the national record?? And much more..!!!

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