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Choosing a 3x3 speedcube in 2021 is a huge challenge! There are tons of amazing 3x3 speedcubes on the market and finding the one that works for you is always a tough job. To help you find your ideal speedcube, we have made a list of 5 phenomenal speedcubes that have amazing features and performance.

1. Gan 11 M PRO

speed cube 3x3 magnetic

The Gan 11 pro-M is Gan's flagship speedcube. It has an embedded omnidirectional magnetic core which makes this cube one of the most unique products on the market. It also has an adjustable tensioning system along with adjustable magnets. 

Its new omnidirectional core is the first of its kind.  Along with the regular 48 magnets, the Gan 11 features 8 pairs of core magnets connected to the core and the corner bases. This creates a tactile feeling and gives nice feedback while turning at high speeds. It makes the cube stable without sacrificing speed and smoothness. 

The Gan 11 m is a great choice for all sorts of cubers as it is quite customizable and has top-notch performance. The state of the art, omnidirectional core is a great addition to this puzzle and we highly recommend it to all cubers.

2. MoYu Weilong WR M 2021

best 3x3 speed cube under 500

This cube is the latest iteration of the legendary Weilong, it has adjustable magnets and a complex yet fun to use tensioning system. The pearly white internals of the cube makes it look aesthetically pleasing! 

The WRM 2021 is quite fast and quick, all of the cubers who have used this cube have complained about its speed, which is a good and bad thing at the same time. This isn't that big of an issue as it can be easily fixed with a heavy lubricant

Moyu cubes are known for their high performance and this puzzle is no exception. It has everything a cuber needs in a 3x3. This cube is a great buy and we're sure that it'll work for most of the cubers!

3. MoYu RS3M 2020

best budget 3x3 speed cube

This cube doesn't need much introduction, the RS3M has dominated the 3x3 market since mid-2020. The RS3M is a bang for your buck! It has everything, an adjustable tensioning system, smooth turning, and good performance. 

This speedcube has been used by lots of world-class solvers and it is a must-have I'm every cuber's cube collection! One can not go wrong with this cube.

4. QiYi X-Man Tornado v2

best 3x3x3 speed cube

The QiYi Tornado V2 is the best budget flagship cube on the market. It features black internals and a revolutionary tensioning system which is going to pave the way for many innovations in the future! 

The Tornado checks all the boxes, whether it's good turning, premium features, or great performance, this cube has it all! 

We were quite surprised to see such a good cube coming at a low price and we would highly recommend it to every speedcuber out there!

5. Weilong WRM 2019

best cheap 3x3 speed cube

Every best 3x3 list is incomplete without this speedcube!  The WRM 2019 has ruled the 3x3 market for almost 3 years and has been used to break countless records in both online and offline competitions

This was one of the first cubes to have the adjustable tensioning system, it was one of the most revolutionary cubes and has been loved by speedcubing enthusiasts around the world. 

It has a really unique and plush feeling and can be adjusted to fit the tastes of all sorts of solvers. This cube is one of the best cubes in cubing history!



Choosing a new 3x3 is always a tough job but a good way to resolve it is to make sure that you know your preferences and try out other cubes at cubing meetups or competitions

We hope that this blog was helpful for you and we're sure that you'll be able to find the ideal 3x3 for you!




Gan has some of the best cubes all of them have magnets i use the Gan 356s and its smoother then butter! The Moyu RS3M is even better its super smooth and is so cheap the lowest it can go is literally 12 bucks maybe even 11 its usually near 11-14$. All gan cubes have easily adjustable spring systems that helps bring the cube to life.

Jasthy Sai Nikhil

Jasthy Sai Nikhil

Very good explanation for buying cubes in budget and also different class cubes…It would be great if they gave prices in the intro of the cube…

Naresh kumar Dewangan

Naresh kumar Dewangan

Intresting & Fabulous

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