best pyraminx cube

The Pyraminx (Triangle) Speed Cube is a tetrahedron shaped puzzle. It is said to be the second best-selling puzzle in the world. The pyraminx was invented by Uwe Méffert in 1971 and was only patented later in 1981. Since then, there have been many modifications of the pyraminx from some of the most renowned puzzle producing companies. 

The first-ever official WCA (World Cube Association) Pyraminx competition was held in 2003 and was won by Andy Bellenir who solved the puzzle in about 14.09 seconds! If you are a pyraminx-solving enthusiast as well, here are some of the best pyraminx speed cubes that you must try!   

1. QiYi MS Pyraminx

best triangle cube

The QiYi MS Pyraminx is a magnetic pyraminx that is built for performance. It is the first pyraminx in the ‘MS’ series by QiYi. The pyraminx comes with a smooth and stable feel. Whether you are a novice working on your pyraminx-solving skills or an expert, this product is a great choice for solvers of all levels. The pyraminx also comes with very subtle magnetic clicks that enhance the experience. This model has also gained popularity among a few world-class pyraminx solvers. The QiYi MS Pyraminx features a frosted surface, with vibrant colours and controllable turning. If you are a beginner or an intermediate then this cube is a must buy for you!

2. GAN Pyraminx

best pyraminx

The GAN pyraminx is a new puzzle from the famous speedcube manufacturer GAN. The puzzle is the world's first pyraminx that comes with GAN’s all-new core-edge magnetic positioning system. The GAN pyraminx is also designed with the classic honeycomb structure for smooth and comfortable turnings. The pyraminx is lightweight and a great choice for competitive pyraminx enthusiasts which also makes it a best GAN cube by GAN. 

3. QiYi Bell Pyraminx v2

best budget pyraminx

The QiYi Bell Pyraminx v2 is a new magnetic pyraminx launched by QiYi MoFangGe. The pyraminx is designed to be extremely customizable. The Bell v2 comes with two tiers of magnet adjustment. The magnets can be added to the tips, and the distance between the internal magnets can also be easily adjusted by turning a dial inside the pieces. The QiYi Bell Pyraminx v2 has a natural and smooth texture to it that gives an appealing turning experience.This cube is a great choice for advance level pyraminx solvers.  

4. Meilong Pyraminx Magnetic

best pyraminx speed cube

The Meilong Pyraminx Magnetic is the new magnetic pyraminx by the renowned budget puzzle producer, MoFangJiaoShi (Cubing Classroom). The pyraminx features a sturdy and stable feel. The Meilong Pyraminx Magnetic comes in frosted plastic and vibrant colours, thereby making it a great choice for beginner pyraminx solvers! 


Wrapping it up! 

The Pyraminx Speed Cubes mentioned are the best puzzles, whether you are starting your cubing journey or are learning advanced tactics. Though the puzzles might initially seem fairly tight straight out of the box, with proper lubrication, it absolutely comes to life. Each of the brands has something different to offer. What pyraminx might work for someone, may not necessarily work for you.But you can surely buy our reviewed products and choose according to your level of comfort! All these puzzles are available on the official Cubelelo website. 

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