best rubik's cube for beginners

We have many verified products that you can review to best understand how each Cube is rated for attributes like its feel, stability and overall performance. As a beginner, there are a variety of options for you to choose from that might leave you overwhelmed. This is why we bring you the best Rubik's Cube with the perfect combination of speedcubing design paired with the highest design quality that only helps you learn better but also inspires you to challenge your skills with advanced cubes.

6 Best Rubik's Cube for Beginners

1. Drift 3x3

best speed cube for beginners

The Drift 3x3 from Cubelelo is a budget-friendly cube, suited for beginners. It comes with a strong design that makes it less prone to accidental damage. The Cubelelo Drift 3x3 gives a smooth solve and comes in bright stickers that make it look attractive and pleasing. The Cube is easy to assemble and lubricate if you want to increase the smoothness of your Cube.

2. Drift 4x4

best cube for beginners

The Cubelelo Drift 4x4 is an all-new stickerless cube introduced by Cubelelo. The upgraded design gives amazing corner cutting with high stability. It also comes with an 'anti-pop' optimized structure, so the parts of the Cube do not pop on fast rotations or fast solves. Even though the Cube comes lubricated, you can still use proper Cubelelo silicon lubrication to avoid any lock-ups during solves.

3. Drift 3x3 Gear Cube

best beginner rubik's cube

The Cubelelo Drift 3x3 Gear Cube comes with a black plastic base tile and new advanced designs. The Cube has 12 edge pieces with all gear configurations. The solution to solving this gear cube is the same as that of a classic Rubik's Cube. You can consider first solving the middle layer, then the top corners, followed by the bottom corners, placing the edges in the right layers, permuting the edges and then rotating them to arrive at the solved position.

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4.Drift Mirror Cube Blue

best speed cubes for beginners

The Cubelelo Drift Mirror Cube comes in an all-new blue colour! This is the best puzzle for a beginner as it requires an understanding of the basic 3x3 Rubik's Cube. The Cubelelo Drift mirror cube looks quite challenging in its scrambled state. However, it is very easy to solve once you understand it's the inner mechanism and find exactly what you are looking for.

5. Drift Maple Leaf

best cube for beginners

The Drift Maple Leaf Cube by Cubelelo is a stickerless Skewb modification which is a type of Rubik's cube. Though it might look complex, it is fairly easy to solve. You can easily solve this Cube intuitively without the need for algorithms. All you need is to build the faces and then permute the centres.

6. Drift Ghost Cube

best rubiks cube for beginner

As a beginner, you should challenge and implement the skills you develop with the Cubelelo Drift Ghost Cube. The Ghost Cube is a unique puzzle and has properties that amplify the difficulty level. You can only arrive at the solved state when the Cube looks exactly like one.



When you buy a new cube, remember that Cubes normally become smoother after a few solves. So, if your new Cube seems a little rough out of the box, you should not worry about it too much. So cube away!


Riyansh Singal

Riyansh Singal

The old list of bet cubes for beginners was way better :)



This is for beginners?? Lol the first one (Drift 3×3) seems to be the only one for complete beginners like me. The rest look really weird and complicated.

Ur Mom

Ur Mom

Or just buy none cuz these r useless

Malyadeep Sasmal

Malyadeep Sasmal

Just buy the drift series

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