how to solve clock cube

Clock cube is the most interesting cube, as it may disqualify you if the pins don’t hold them strong. (Most of the clocks have this problem) And it’s fun because of its working and solving methods!

I have got many disqualifications to my credit. In this article, I am going to share how you can solve clock cube easily. 

How To Solve Clock Cube?

how to solve clock cube

This is how a clock rubik’s cube looks like on both sides.

The wheel is to move the clock and the nearest pins are to control which dial you move by turning the wheels.

Some Tricks In Pins:

solving clock cube tricks

On the left side of the clock you can see that when 1 pin is down, only 1 corner needle moves.

But 👇

See the left side again, 1 pin up and all others down will move the needles of 4 dials!

Above are the 2 steps to be used in a combination to achieve needle position of others. 

Take some time to explore those! Once you are familiar and comfortable with the movement of the pins and needles, you can start solving! 

Solving Clock Cube:

You can choose any side of the clock cube.  Hold the cube with 12 number or the yellow dot facing upwards. The pin needles should be positioned to 12 when solved.

First, solve the plus on one side by choosing the correct combination of the pins. 

solving clock cube

This is how a plus looks like, It has a plus in the middle

Then do the same to the other side, Now don’t preserve any piece, as the solved cross won’t get spoilt.

Two side solved plus on a clock cube

Don’t worry about the corner pieces

Then just solve the corners by pressing the nearest pin!

Repeat on the other side and you are done!

A tutorial is here if you get some confusion in this blog (Hindi Tutorial):

You won’t be able to believe how easy it is to solve a clock cube unless you lay hands on it. I learnt it in a few hours for my first clock competition. 

Cubelelo has a wide range of magic clock cubes, which have better pins!

You must try hands with all varieties of puzzles available to experience the challenges each one has to pose.

Happy cubing folks!

Atharva Bhat


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