Memorize Speedcube Algorithms Faster

How to Memorize Speedcube Algorithms Faster

Vijay Kishore
All speedcubers aspire to get faster at solving the Rubik's cube. All of us know that practice perseverance and patience, aka, the three P's are es...
 Multiple Cubing Events

Ways to Improve at Multiple Events Efficiently!

Arush Singh
Every cuber must have dreamt of being skilled in multiple WCA events to improve their sum of ranks, but when it comes to working on multiple events...
Rubik’s Cube Notation

Understanding Rubik’s Cube Notation For Every WCA Puzzle

Akshaansh Chilakapati
Introduction While the Rubik’s Cube is fascinating just as a toy, improving at it requires one to learn the process of ‘scrambling’. In this proces...
speedcubing history

A History of Speedcubing

Pranav Prabhu
The world of cubing we have today is a large, expanding, and vibrant community present in all corners of the world. There is a central regulatory o...
What are Sum of Ranks and KinchRanks?

How to Improve your Sum of Ranks (SOR)

Nikhil Soares
What are Sum of Ranks and KinchRanks? SOR refers to “Sum of Ranks” which is a method used to calculate the skill of a cuber across all 17 WCA event...
FMC Events Rubik's Cube

How To Efficiently Manage Your Time For 1 Hour FMC Events

Pranav Prabhu
The Fewest Moves Challenge is an event where you have to find your most efficient solution for a given scramble within one hour. Slowly trying many...
Cubelelo Cube Lubricants: Best Speed Cube Lubricants Online

Cubelelo Cube Lubricants: Best Speed Cube Lubricants Online

Avani Sood
There are three main components to getting faster at cubing - Efficiency, which includes learning different methods and algorithms, Turn Speed, whi...
 Musical Instruments and cubing

How Playing Musical Instruments Can Accelerate Your Cubing

Akshaansh Chilakapati
Musical instruments are tools that allow one to express themselves through the power of music. Learning how to play a musical instrument is an art ...

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