Tips to Prepare for Cubing Competition

Few Tips to Help You Prepare for any Cubing Competition

Naren Ramesh
Cubing competitions are, in my opinion, one of the biggest motivators to keep cubing. Not only do they provide a chance for you to test your skills...
Color neutrality in Rubik's Cube

Color Neutrality and How To Become Effective At It

Nithin Babu
In 3x3 speedcubing, while using the layer-by-layer or the CFOP method, most of the tutorials/ procedures available online use the white colour as t...
Handling Nerves at competition

Handling‌ ‌Nerves‌ ‌At‌ ‌Competition‌ ‌- Kunal Oak

Kunal Oak
Hi, I’m Kunal Oak, a three-time 7x7 National Record Holder, defending 7x7 National Champion and a speedcubing coach. In this blog, I will be offeri...
How to solve a Pyraminx using the beginner’s method

How To Solve a Pyraminx Cube Using Beginner’s Method?

Naren Ramesh
While most cubers start with puzzles like the 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4, you will often see the Pyraminx being recommended as a puzzle that is easy for beg...
table solving vs hand solving

Table Solving vs Hand Solving: Which One Is Perfect?

Nikhil Soares
I’m Nikhil Soares, the Indian NR holder for Megaminx Single and Average and current Megaminx Asian Champion. If you have ever seen a video of me s...
Megaminx practice tips

Megaminx Practice Tips By Hargun Singh Tikku

Hargun Singh Tikku
As I said in the last blog, practice is by far the most important part of improving in megaminx. But how do you know if you’re actually benefiting ...
How Speedcubers Solve Cube In Seconds?

How Speedcubers Solve Cube In Seconds?

Atharva R. Bhat
In the beginning phases of learning to solve cube, everyone is slow.  So, let us see how Speedcubers solve cubes in seconds. It's easy. Determinati...
How can you become a leader in the World Cubing scene

How Can You Become A Leader In The World Of Cubing?

Bhargav Narasimhan
Despite practising for hours together, why are we unable to perform to our fullest? Why do we keep making the same mistakes? How do we get as good ...

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