How to solve 3x3 Cube

Easy Tips to Use Two or More Methods in 3x3 Cube Solving

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar
All of you reading this article know how to solve a 3x3. You may be using the beginners method which is also called the layer by layer or using the...
How to set up cube

6 Steps Ultimate Beginner's Cube Setup Guide

Avani Sood
Ever bought a new cube, only to not like it? Or maybe you do like it, but feel like there’s something missing? Setting up your cube can give your c...
Manage Cubing along with Studies

How to Easily Manage Cubing along with Studies

Aamir Saifee
With any time commitment, there is an opportunity cost. For everything a person does, there is always an alternative way they could be spending the...
improve your 3x3 Skills by practicing other events

How Practicing Other Events can help improve your 3x3 Skills

Pranav Prabhu
When you reach a certain point in your 3x3 speedcubing times, you might hit a barrier. Some common ones are sub-20, sub-15, sub-10 etc. and besides...
Few Ideas To Help You  Cube When You Are Low On Time

Few Ideas To Help You Cube When You Are Low On Time

Avani Sood
Time management is something most of us have a tough time with. Most cubers have school /college or a job to manage as well as fit in extracurricul...
right time to upgrade new cube

Few Quick Tips on When You Should Consider Upgrading or Buying a New Cube

Avani Sood
You may have heard that your cube doesn’t matter when it comes to improving. Old cube or new, it’s you that needs to be improving, not your cube. B...
Balance between cubing & Studying

How to Find the Perfect Balance between Cubing and Studying

Kunal Oak
Introduction Hi, I’m Kunal Oak, a three-time 7x7 National Record Holder, defending 7x7 National Champion and a speedcubing coach. In this blog, I w...
top factors for getting fast at cubing

Is Practice the only Factor in Getting Fast?

Chetan Roger Dhanjal
Introduction What makes a person fast? The first answer that comes to mind is practice, and that is absolutely true, but the answer isn’t just limi...

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