how to keep yourself motivated while cubing

How To Keep Yourself Motivated While Cubing ?

Pranav Prabhu
Once you’ve reached a certain point while cubing, if you’ve not been able to improve much in recent months or it feels repetitive, it’s hard to fin...
3x3 fmc

How To Get Started With Fewest Moves Challenge (FMC) ?

Pranav Prabhu
3x3 FMC is an official WCA event where the participant has to find their most efficient solution to a scramble within one hour. The event can look ...
how to solve megaminx fast

How To Get Faster At Megaminx ?

Hargun Singh Tikku
Megaminx is definitely one of the most interesting events in the WCA; being so different yet it’s similar to a 3×3 cube at the same time and having...
how to start a rubik's cube

How to Get Started With Cubes Like 2x2, Skewb & Pyraminx ?

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar
When I was a kid, I used to spend my time  playing with marbles and catapults.ome of my friends had a Nintendo console that I used to borrow and pl...
how to solve pyraminx fast

How To Average Under 5 Seconds On Pyraminx ?

Naren Ramesh
Five seconds is a fascinating number when it comes to Pyraminx. Like getting sub-15 on 3x3 cube, breaking the five-second barrier for Pyraminx is w...
how to solve a pyraminx

How To Solve A Pyraminx/Triangle Cube ?

Solving a Pyraminx or triangle cube is much easier than solving a Rubik’s cube. You just need to understand the notations and the edges to solve it...
ortega method 2x2

How To Solve 2x2 Cube Using Ortega Method ?

There comes a time in every new cuber's life when they have to switch to an advanced method!  After learning the beginner's method on the 2x2, one ...
How Solving A Speedcube Can Help Ace Your Exams ?

How Solving A Speedcube Can Help Ace Your Exams ?

Avani Sood
"The idea of exams is not very well sought upon between students. Normally, students undergo  with stress, anxiety and endless cram-filled nights d...

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