My Cubing Journey - Aamir Huzefa Saifee

Hello readers, my name is Aamir Saifee and I have been a competitive speedcuber for 6 years. In this article, I am going to share my speedcubing journey with the achievements that I received so far. The commencement of any journey is filled with excitement and thrill, along with suspense and pressure. Everyone questions your decision and tries to sway your thought process, however, the ultimate decision is yours.

Like any 10 year old boy, I loved watching videos on youtube. My day consisted of watching youtube and playing video games. However, one day I came across an unusual video titled ‘how to solve a Rubik’s cube’. I did not know much about the Rubik’s cube but my curiosity made me click on the video. All of a sudden, I noticed how interesting the Rubik’s cube looked and realized that I may have found a new hobby. Instantly, I ran to my mother and asked her to order a basic Rubik’s cube. 



At first, I watched youtube videos all day trying to get faster and learning new tricks and techniques as I progressed. I carried cubes to school everyday and cubed throughout all my classes, even attending classes with full attention . I thoroughly enjoyed cubing. I did not really know what I could really get out of it until I discovered cubing competitions. 

Cubing competitions are places where numerous cubers battle it out in the hunger for victory. 6 months into cubing I attended my very first competition. While it was an extremely fun competition, I hadn't performed too well which ended up leaving me dejected and unmotivated.

After this competition, I didn't feel like cubing was my passion, and felt ready to move on. I quit for 18 months due to this, and the lack of competition in the country. However, at the next competition, everything changed. 

Rubik's Cube Mumbai Open 

I participated in this competition which was held in my hometown. I didn't have too many goals as I knew I just wasn't good enough. However, miracles can happen, and at this competition, a miracle occurred. I somehow managed to podium in the 2x2 event.

This was the turning point in my cubing career. This gave me the confidence to achieve greater feats and eventually led to me making 2x2 my main event for the foreseeable future. 



The next few years were filled with multiple accomplishments including numerous podiums and a National record. I still remember my reaction, screaming “woohoo!!” when I realized I had broken the record. 

My favorite competition was the World Championships in 2019 as I met a lot of people that I looked up to. However, my greatest cubing memory was my Asian Record which was followed by a hulk smash reaction.

My cubing journey has been extremely eventful, with its highs and lows. However it has been a learning experience throughout, and I hope to make many more memories and achieve greater feats as a cuber.


To conclude, cubing has had a great impact on my life and has led to many cherishable experiences. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me along my journey and i hope to break many more records and travel around the world.

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Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar

Cool article Aamir!

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