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Buying a cube can sometimes be a tedious task. Looking at the features that every cube provides and which ones are worth their price is a lot of information to take in for any person looking to buy a cube. So, whatever your budget may be, we can recommend some 3x3s to go for in that range. Also, make sure to buy your cubes from trusted sources! Buy branded cubes with good performance and avoid buying from random stationery shops and fairs. One website that I’d recommend is obviously, the biggest cube store in India, Cubelelo. Let’s get started now!

Figuring out your Budget

This is obviously the first step in order to buy a cube. Looking at the features of cubes outside your budget range is a waste of time! So let’s help you in figuring out your budget.

  1. The first range in my opinion would be really cheap budget cubes. These are for beginner cubers. I’d say your budget for this should be 200-700 INR.
  2. If you are a speedcuber on a budget, that is, you know the speedcubing methods and have a pretty good average, go for better cubes ranging from 700-1000 INR. This is because the cubes in this range are very well suited for speedcubing as compared to the cubes in the previous range of 200-700 INR.
  3. The third range is the flagship range, which ranges from around 1000-2500 INR. Most flagships can be bought in this price range.
  4. The fourth range is the ultimate one! This is for people who want the best cube that is available in the market without looking at the value-for-money aspect. Cubes in this range can get very expensive with prices going as high as 8500 INR.

What should you look for in a New Cube?

What should you look for in a New Cube

  1. First is the performance, does it perform up to your expectations and standard?
  2. Value-for-money aspect, is the cube you’re buying priced according to its performance? Or are you paying much more for features that you won’t use anyway?
  3. Amount of features, for example, some cubes have varying magnetic strength, and others do not. Some cubes are meant to be tensioned with a screwdriver, while others can just be tensioned without any tools. 

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Recommended Cubes for every Price Range

Finally, let’s get to the part to help you decide which cube to buy. Let’s go budget by budget.

  • First is the beginner budget. Going from 200-700 INR. The first two cubes that I would suggest are the Drift 3x3 and the Twist 3x3. Both these cubes are for beginners and are amazing value-for-money choices. I’d recommend picking up a magnetic cube though, the Drift 3M, which also falls in this range despite being magnetized and pre-lubed.

buget magnetized and pre-lubed cube

  • For the second range, which is for speed cubers on a budget, we have the more premium Drift series cubes, which include 2 newly launched cubes. The Drift 3M Pro and the Drift 3M Pro Maglev. The Pro Maglev is a bit more expensive than the 1000 price limit, but it is totally worth it considering it’s a Maglev puzzle. Both these newly launched cubes are amazing and perform well. I would recommend saving a bit more and getting the 3M Pro Maglev! Alternatively, you could go for the RS3M Super standard version, which is also a newly launched cube and is loved by many people around the world!
Drift cubes 3M Pro and Pro Maglev


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  • The third range is the flagship range! We will talk about cubes that are priced between 1000 to 2500 INR here. You can go for the newly launched Tornado v3 standard version, or you can also go for the v2, which isn’t that bad. Another option is the RS3M Super ball core version, which I didn’t mention in the previous section because it is a bit more expensive. Another option is picking up the Weilong WR Maglev, which is a bit heavier but performs amazingly!

QiYi Tornado v3 standard version and V2

  • The fourth range is for getting the best performing cube out there in the market! 

You can get the Tornado v3 pioneer version, which is almost double the price of the standard Tornado v3.

Tornado v3 pioneer version

Alternatively, you can choose to go for one version below and get the Tornado v3 flagship version. If you want a flagship GAN cube, however, you can either choose the GAN 13 Maglev, which is the top flagship of the GAN brand, or you can go one level below that, for GAN 12 Maglev. The GAN 13 Maglev is very expensive, coming in at INR 8500. I wouldn’t say that it is a value-for-money choice, but it is a really exciting and fun puzzle to use that you can definitely use as your main. GAN 12 comes in at 6500 INR, which is a lot cheaper than the GAN 13 Maglev, so it’s really up to you.

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We’ve discussed the best 3x3s that you can buy covering every budget and stage a cuber might be in. I know how hard it can be to figure out what puzzle to buy if you don’t have any prior knowledge of which cubes are good and which cubes are bad. So, we hope this blog helps you and you can buy the best puzzle for you! Keep cubing!

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Sarthak Masta is a speedcuber from Raipur. He started cubing in 2013 and now has 9 years of cubing experience. Apart from cubing, Sarthak enjoys making music and singing. He has attended a total of 7 competitions in Raipur and has gotten 10 podiums, with 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

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jabez hermias

jabez hermias

really great but you can use drift 3M for advance cubing and rs3M is next level

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