GAN 11 M PRO 3x3 (Magnetic) Limited Edition


Color: Purple
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GAN 11 M PRO 3x3 Magnetic Limited Edition

GAN releases its new GAN 11 M Pro in a Limited edition as its Holiday edition! It comprises of all features of GAN 11 M Pro with limited edition everything, like purple GAN cube bag, red case for extra magnets, Postcard, and Exclusive ID card. Also, the cube itself has frosted purple exterior and red internals. Two sets of Full bright stickers comes in accessory. Limited production of 999 cubes worldwide makes it a must-have collector's item.

What you unbox:

  • GAN K’un Exclusive GAN Bag *GAN Box v7
  • GAN 11 Series Tuning Tutorial *Tutorial Card for Smart Cube Beginner
  • Tuning Rod & GAN GES Nut*6 *Hexagonal Magnetx6
  • Screwdriver *GAN K’un Exclusive Postcard
  • Exclusive ID Card *Full Bright Sticker*2 Sets
  • Beginner and CFOP Tutorial

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