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Smart cubes are famous for being fun, useful and high-tech. Apart from tracking your moves, smart cubes can be used to race other cubers across the globe, play games and participate in online events. If you’re a novice in the world of cubing then finding the best smart cube might be a bit difficult for you, in this article, I have decided to make a list of the top-tier smart cubes along with their features to help cubers decide which smart cube is the best for them. 

Best Smart Cubes 

Smart cube




GAN I Carry 

77.5 g

56 mm

It has solid performance and has all the features of GAN’s flagship cubes with replaceable batteries.

Rubik’s Connected

112 g

57 mm

It turns quite smoothly and is stickered. 


125 g

60 mm

Pillowed and a bit heavy but it has a very good build quality.

1. GAN 356 I carry -

gan best smart rubiks cube

Out of all these cubes on this list, the GAN 356 I is my favourite as GAN has combined all the good attributes of the GAN 11 Pro M with their previous smart cube. The GAN 356 I Carry is GAN’s newest magnetic smart cube. Instead of a charger, this cube is powered by replaceable coin batteries. At just 36.99$(2600 INR), it is the most economical 3x3 smart cube on the market.

Weighing 77g, this smart cube lasts for 280 hours of solving time. The cube is also very aesthetically pleasing. It has frosted plastic and beautiful pearly white internals. 

The main selling point of this cube is its price, there has never been such a smart cube which has all sorts of fancy features at such a low price. So if you’re looking for a smart cube that isn’t too expensive and has all the premium features then you should go for this smart cube!

2. Rubik’s connected 3x3 -

best smart rubiks cube

The Rubik’s Connected Cube is one of the newest, smartest and best cube in the market. This puzzle and accompanying app tracks all sorts of useful interests like move count, TPS, algorithms, and of course, how fast you solve it! On top of that this smart cube allows you to race with your friends and participate in amazing virtual competitions.

The reason I like this cube is because it comes in black plastic as some people still prefer stickered cubes. Another plus point of this cube is that it can be recharged using a USB-cable. Which means that you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries.

Some people might be hesitant to buy this because of the Rubik’s tag but don’t let that fool you, this cube is at par with all the smart cubes in terms of performance and turning!

 The only gripe I have with this cube is its price but other than that it’s an exceptional puzzle. I would highly recommend this cube to cubers who are looking for a stickered smart cube!

3. Gocube edge 3x3 -

gocube best smart speed cube

One of the first smart cubes ever released, the GOCUBE Edge is a magnetic 3x3 cube equipped with premium features.

It features a novel pillowed design, giving it a cool, aesthetic and futuristic appearance. The accompanying app allows the user to play games and participate in speedcubing events!

The biggest gripe I have with cube is that it’s one of the heaviest smart cubes out there. The weight along with its pillowed design doesn’t make a good combination. Out of the three cubes, this cube is the toughest to handle but the build quality is quite amazing. 

I would recommend this puzzle to people looking for a smart cube with a long lasting battery and premium accessories. 



In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. One might prefer a cube over another but your safest bet would be the GAN I Carry which is my personal recommendation too as it has unmatched performance with the premium build quality and features of Gan at a very reasonable price

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