fastest cubers in india

The Indian cubing community has grown exponentially in the past five years. There have been several cubers who have done a lot to grow this community and it is important for all the new cubers & Indians to know about them. These cubers participated in events like Rubik’s cube, Asian cube competition, National cube competitions, etc and their contribution in winning records for the country is countless. In this article, we have listed the real gems of speed cubing in India who have achieved incredible feats in cubing.

1. Aryan Chhabra 

aryan chabra fastest cuber in india

Aryan Chhabra, a high school student from New Delhi, is a world-class 3x3 cube solver and has an official average of 7.29 seconds. Two years ago, Aryan was declared the fastest solver in India with a solve of 4.91 seconds! He also has several national championship titles and has been a big part of the Indian cubing community. But that’s not all!! Aryan also reached the finals of the Asian Championship 2018 which was held in Taiwan and he competed against top-level speedcubers.

Apart from setting numerous records in speedcubing, Aryan Chhabra is also a fitness freak and an actor. Along with cubing, he likes to practice football and play the guitar. Aryan truly is an all-rounder.

2. Bhargav Narasimhan 

bhargav narasimhan fastest indian cuber

Bhargava Narasimhan, a professional in the medical world, definitely has golden fingers with a passion for cubing! Born and brought up in Chennai, he first earned a name for himself by holding the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest time to solve five 3x3 Cubes one-handed at 1 minute and 23 seconds. 

He formerly held the Asian record for the 3x3 one-handed single with a solve of 9.52 seconds. He also got the Asian record for an average of five in one-handed by getting an average of 10.20 seconds.

He has also formerly held national records for 2x2, 4x4, FMC, Megaminx, and Skewb. But that's not all!! Bhargav was also the first Indian to be ranked top 100 in many of these WCA events.

3. Shivam Bansal 

shivam bansal india's fastest cuber

A college student from Agra, Shivam is one of the most inspirational cubers in India. He is a professional blind solver and has won several championship titles all over the world. In 2019, he had set the world record for Multi blind solving by solving 48 cubes blindfolded within one hour.

Shivam has also set two Asian Records and 19 National Records. He won one silver medal in Asian Championship 2016 in China and two bronze medals in the Asian Championships in Japan. He has more than 300 medals in Rubik’s cube competitions. 

He also likes to play chess and do all sorts of interesting things like Rude Goldberg tricks and robotics. Shivam is also a professional photographer and his pictures have been featured in several articles on the internet. 

4. Nikhil Soares 

nikhil soras indias fastest speed cuber

A high school senior from Mumbai, Nikhil is the fastest megaminx solver in the country. He is an all-rounder and enjoys practicing all the WCA events. Two years ago Nikhil had set a national record for Megaminx single with a solve of 32.90 seconds!

Nikhil won the megaminx event at Asian Championships 2018. He has also set 21 national records and has been the national champ for megaminx since 2016. He also has more than 150 medals in Rubik’s cube competitions.

He is also a drummer and likes to listen to music. He was also one of the finalists of the Megaminx event at the World Championships 2019.

5. Aniket Das 

ankit das fastest indian speed cuber

Aniket, a college student at Minerva, is the fastest pyraminxer from India! He specializes in Pyraminx and enjoys doing other Minx puzzles. Five years ago Aniket became the fastest Pyraminx solver in Asia with a solve of 1.42 seconds.

Aniket is one of the most consistent Pyraminxers and has won multiple continental championships. He also podiumed at the World Rubik’s Cube championship in 2017 with an average of 2.91 seconds!


He has also set 7 national records and won more than 50 medals in WCA competitions.

He is also a computer science student and loves to travel!

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