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There are three main components to getting faster at cubing - Efficiency, which includes learning different methods and algorithms, Turn Speed, which involves turning as fast as possible, and the cube itself. But how does one maneuver their cube? The answer lies in using lubricants.  

Lubricants are the best way to enhance your cube. Make it fast, smooth, slow it down, it’s all in your hands. But choosing a lubricant is definitely a challenge, especially when there are so many options available. How can you make sure you choose the right lubricant for you?

To help you answer this, here is a guide to Cubelelo’s line of Silicone Lubricants.

Why Cubelelo’s Lubricants? 

Cubelelo offers 8 different lubricants across different viscosities. They are made of Silicone and provide high quality at a minimal cost. The lubricants are versatile and fit almost all needs, especially when combined. The two main categories, Standard and Premium, work extremely well together and using them in combination can provide a feel that works for you.

Now that you have access to some of the best lubricants on the market, let’s look at what each one of them has to offer - 

The Standard Lubricants Cube lubricant Hurricane


  • Hurricane is the lightest viscosity lube in the Standard line of lubricants. 
  • It is a very thin lubricant that will make your cube extremely fast with just 4-5 drops. 
  • The lubricant requires less break-in due to the lower viscosity, however it needs to be replenished quite often. 
  • This lubricant is best suited for heavier cubes that tend to have a blockier feel, especially some older models. 
  • It works best on the pieces themselves, while usage on tracks may leave the cube feeling uncontrollable. 
  • Combine with Breeze or Classic as well as Calm on the core for the best results. 
Cube lubricant Hurricane


  • Storm is one of the most used lubes, used to make the cube faster while retaining the cube’s stability. 
  • Upon breaking-in, the cube feels extremely fast yet has a smooth feel. This calls to a lot of cubers, as it speeds up the cube without compromising on the feel. 
  • Storm is one of the most versatile lubricants that goes well with almost any cube, and can be used on the pieces as well as the tracks to help improve speed. 
  • It works best with Breeze, and Nucleus on the core. 

Cube lubricant strom


  • Swift gives the perfect balance between fast and smooth, making the cube feel stable yet light and crisp. 
  • You only need 3-4 drops to obtain a buttery smooth feel that retains the speed of the cube, without making it feel sluggish. 
  • This is an excellent lubricant for recent flagships that are lightweight and very fast out of the box. 
  • Using it on the tracks will give you a stable and smooth feel, and using it on the pieces keeps the cube fast and controllable. 
  • Combining Swift with Velocity gives the cube a premium fast and soft feel. 

cube lubricant swift


  • Breeze is the one of the best options for slowing down an uncontrollably fast cube. It reduces the friction between the pieces, making them glide with ease. 
  • Applying on the tracks gives a very smooth and soft feel, and makes the cube more quiet. Add just 1-2 drops for a buttery feel, and you can add more if needed after break-in. 
  • Breeze requires heavy break-in and works very well with most cubes. Use it with a lighter viscosity lubricant such as Hurricane to help make the cube fast but very controllable, making it ideal for competitions.

lubricant breeze


  • Calm is recommended for use on the core. It works by removing the friction between the screw and the spring and reduces spring noise. This in turn helps the cube turn much better. 
  • Using just a single drop on the pieces works wonders as well, but it is recommended to use it with caution. 
  • It is ideal for all cubes with screws, regardless of whether you use other lubricants or not. 
  • Combine with Storm or Swift on the pieces for the best results. 
calm lubricant

The Premium Lubricants 

premium lubricant


  • Velocity is a light viscosity lubricant, used to give a premium fast but soft feel to the cube. 
  • Being of higher quality, Velocity lasts longer in the cube even with a few drops. It instantly makes the cube faster yet not uncontrollable, and requires minimal break-in. It is preferred by many cubers because of this reason, and is often chosen over other lubricants. 
  • It works equally well on tracks and pieces, and works great with Classic or Breeze. 
  • It is recommended for almost all cubes as one simply cannot go wrong with Velocity (in my heavily biased opinion). 

velocity cube lubricant


  • Classic is the most premium feeling lubricant in Cubelelo’s line of Silicone lubes. It makes any cube feel exceptionally smooth. 
  • Adding 2-3 drops leaves the cube with a plush feel, and because of this it is among one of my most used lubricants. 
  • Using it on the tracks and pieces slows down the cube, making it feel much more controllable and perfect for use in competitions. 
  • It suits almost all cubes and goes hand in hand with Velocity in creating a perfectly balanced cube feel. 

classic cube lubricants


  • Nucleus is the most ideal lubricant for the core. Using nucleus just once is enough for 6-8 months post setup. 
  • Being the thickest lubricant, it makes your cube easy to turn even without any lubricant on the pieces itself. 
  • Nucleus can be used with any lubricants on the pieces themselves since it does not affect the other lubricants as much. 

nucleus cube lubricant

Steady 30k

  • The latest addition to the cubelelo lubricant line-up, Cubelelo Steady 30k  is a very versatile lube. It has a centistokes viscosity of 30k. 
  • It has been tested and concluded that it stays longer than any other competitive lube. 
  • The lubricant can produce the desired effect in not only 3x3 cubes but also in larger cubes. It comes in the filled in a luer-lock syringe with a twist-off lock cap, as well as a green dispensing tip for lubing hard-to-reach places. This lube performs the best when applied on the core.

What’s better for you - standard or premium?

The standard lubricants provide more variety and cater to a larger set of needs overall. Using standard lubes especially when combining different viscosities can really help achieve the perfect setup, since you can control a majority of what goes into the feel of the cube. 

The premium lubricants are recommended if you have built a preference, know exactly what sort of a feel you want, and prefer the more polished - or as the name suggests, premium - feel. It can boost your cube entirely, taking your setup to the next level. However, each lube is quite versatile and still provides a stepped-up version of the standard feel. 


1. What are cube lubricants? 

Lubricants are made of silicon and help to reduce friction between the pieces of the cube, in turn increasing its life-span.

2. How to lubricate a cube? 

Lubrication is a fairly simple process. Simply remove a piece, add in your lubricant and break-in.  You can help understand this process better through our setup guide

3. How long does cube lube last? 

Lubricants typically last for about 3-4 months depending on usage and viscosity.  

4. What is the fastest cube lubricant? 

The fastest cube lubricant is Velocity.

5. How often should you clean your cube?

You should clean your cube every 2-3 months depending on usage. 

6. Will using vaseline be as good as cube lube?

No, using Vaseline is not as good as cube lubricant. While it may help in reducing friction, it can slow down the cube too much and also “eat-up” the plastic in some cases. 

7. How to make a speed cube faster? 

Making a speed cube faster consists of tensioning and lubrication. Once the hardware aspect, or the tension, is set, lubrication is the best method to make your cube faster. 

8. What are the best cube lubricant alternatives? 

Simply put, there are no lubricants to cube lubricants. While you may be able to get away with using vaseline, it will not give you as good a feel as lubricants will. This is the reason why cubers evolved from using common lubricants such as vaseline and WD-40 to cube specific Silicone Cube Lubricants. 


Since there are so many lubricants available, the best method is to try different ones and see what works for you. Think of what kind of a feel you would like, and experiment with different viscosities. There is most likely not just one lubricant that fits you, but a combination of them. 

It may take a while to find the perfect setup, but over time you will see your results getting better as well, simply because of your familiarity with your cube. 

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