how to buy rubik's cube

Ever tried to buy a best cube online, only to realize there are hundreds of options and types? This guide aims to help you understand what to look for in a cube as well as understand the options!

Cubes are rated on the basis of a few criteria that directly relate to the performance of the cube. These factors, on combining, make a cube a good choice. Instead of you having to adjust to the cube, there are now cubes that adjust to you! 

Few Essential Parts of Cube You Should Know About - 

1. Screws and Tensions - 

Screws hold the cube together. The centres are attached to a core, and the pieces in turn fit in between the centres. Managing the pieces of cubes in a way to make moves faster is known as cube tensioning.   

Tensioning can be done by turning the screw, allowing more or less space for the pieces to move around. This helps alter the feeling to the preference of the cuber. 


2. Springs and Compression- 

Springs determine how well your pieces utilize the space set by the screws, or in other words, how much the pieces can move around in a certain tension.

Cubes nowadays also have the ability to adjust the springs, helping you fine-tune the cube to your liking. This is known as spring compressibility and is something to be on the lookout for.

3. Corner Cutting - 

how to buy a speed rubiks cube

Good quality puzzles combined with adjustable settings now give you the ability to transition into the next turn without completing the previous one! It is now much easier to get away with rougher turning. 

The design of the cube, as well as the tensions and spring settings, determine the corner cutting of a cube. This is an essential part, making your solves much less blocky and reducing the need for 100% accurate turning.

4. Magnets - 

how to buy cube magnets

Cube magnets help the layers to get aligned, similar to corner cutting. This helps in stabilizing a cube, making turning much more fluid. Top speedcubers and beginners alike turn to these, and you probably would switch to one eventually. 

However, cubes today also have options to adjust the magnet strength instead of switching out magnets entirely. 

Other Factors To Keep In Mind 

1. Pricing - 

You can get a great quality cube with cutting-edge features for just under 1000 rupees! There are so many options, and you are sure to find one that you are guaranteed to find a suitable option to fit your budget. There are multiple cubes available under a budget on Cubelelo's website, so make sure to check those out before spending extra. 

2. Lubricants - 

As with anything else, a good quality cube requires maintenance as well. Lubricants reduce friction between the core and the pieces. They help your cube reach its best performance, giving it a pleasant feeling. 

Once the hardware of the cube is set, it is the lubes that help you reach your desired feeling, and help to make your cube perfect for you. Lubricants generally refer to silicon or water based lubes. For best results, try combining lubricants. 

The Cubelelo website has a wide variety of Standard and Premium lubricants, that can help your cube reach its potential. 


It is always good to be informed about the various options and releases in the market so that you can make the best decision. There are comparisons available on cubes and lubricants Cubelelo’s YouTube channel that give you an idea about each of these specifications, so do check them out! 

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