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You may have heard that your cube doesn’t matter when it comes to improving. Old cube or new, it’s you that needs to be improving, not your cube. But it just may happen that your cube actually is the problem. Cubers across all events have been troubled by an age old question - Should I buy a new cube? Could it be time for you to upgrade? - Read and find out!

1. Cube Physically Broken?

Tips on Buying new cube
Perhaps your non-cuber friend borrowed your cube and lost a piece, or your springs are rusted as a result of a lubrication experiment gone wrong. The core could be  scratched or perhaps even broken. Maybe your cousin dropped your cube and now you can’t find a piece.  You may be able to get replacement pieces in a few cases, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible to do so. 
This is - in most cases - a very clear sign to buy a new cube.

2. Are you having Plateaued or Worse results?

best tips for buying new cube

When you come across a cube initially, there’s a certain ‘unknown’ aspect - in addition to the adrenaline rush - to solving, forcing you to change. Maybe you learn to turn less aggressively, or find an even better setup. You generally introduce a good change, improving your times. This leads to an increase in speed, simply because of the modification in your solving. Overtime, you get used to the cube, and the changes become less and less prevalent, unless there’s an external factor such as learning new algorithms. 

So if you’ve tried out different algorithms, worked on efficiency and lookahead and you still just can’t seem to improve, a new cube could actually help. 

3. Outdated Technology?

when you should buy new cube

Cube technologies keep changing, and for good reason. Cubes now have the ability to change almost every factor you could need - be it spring compressions, tensions, even magnetic strength! As it so happens, you just need to refresh your settings to change your perspective of the cube.  A newer cube with these adjustable features can help keep the ‘surprise’ aspect - as mentioned in the previous point - fresh, instead of having to buy a new cube every time. 

An additional factor could also be finding the perfect setup, as sometimes you just aren’t able to find what suits you best especially in older models. Customizability really helps you fine-tune down to the nitty-gritty of the cube.

4. The cube you love suddenly feels a little ‘off’

upgrading a cube

Ever been very excited to have the best session but end up feeling extremely disappointed? Your cube just doesn’t feel the same cube you loved and trusted all those months ago. Even with the best of cubes, there will come a time where the cube feels not as great as it once did. Because of the extensive use over time, your trusty cube also wears down.  

If you’ve found the perfect setup and the cube just works for you, it’s best to simply buy a replacement of the same model.

5. A New ‘Fancy’ Cube?

tips on upgrading cube

Companies are always releasing new cubes, and they’re heavily marketed. Sometimes you find out about a new flagship release, and you just can’t stop thinking about the new features it has to offer. It’s stuck in the back of your head even as you do sessions, and over time you get worse simply because of the placebo effect. 

Sometimes, it’s just better to give into the temptation and buy the cube, instead of wasting multiple sessions fantasizing. Not only does this clear your head, it gets you back on track towards improving and reaching your goals.

6. Try out a different event!

If you’re bored of the standard 3x3 puzzle, challenge yourself with the multiple other puzzles available. There are 17 different events recognized by the World Cube Association, across 11 different types of puzzles. So, it may just be time to expand your skills and move on to a newer puzzle altogether. Level up your skills by trying a more difficult puzzle such as the 5x5, 6x6, or 7x7 and even a shape shifting one like the Square-1. Cubelelo also has a wide variety of  other non-conventional puzzles such as the 11x11, the Mastermorphix, the Gear Cube and many more!

tips to upgrade on new cube


Perhaps your new cube could help you finally reach your cubing goals and break those National Records! The thrill of a new cube will certainly make your journey more enjoyable and help you reach new heights. 

New cube or not, it is always important to take proper care of your cubes to maximize the life of the puzzle. Cubelelo has some of the best lubricants to help you do so! If you do decide to buy a new one, here’s a list of The Best 3x3s on the market right now. 

What are some things you considered before purchasing your last cube? Let us know in the comments down below! 

-Avani Sood

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