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Whether you are a competitive speedcuber or a beginner you are always on the lookout for a challenge that puts your skills to the test. The evolutions in the designs of Rubik’s Cube has brought about an era of Cubes that are super-fast with a sleek look and smooth touch. All of these factors have given birth to speedcubing powerhouses. Therefore, we bring you a list of new arrivals this year that we have all been waiting for! These Cubes are a must-have if you wish to challenge yourself!

8 New cube Arrivals

1. GAN 11 M PRO

new rubik's cube 2021

The GAN 11 M Pros was launched in 2020 and is a 3x3 magnetic speed cube. It is designed with an omnidirectional magnetic core in addition to the 48 traditionally placed magnets inside the cube pieces. This magnetic positioning system creates a consistent magnetic feel which is strong. The GAN 11 M Pro is highly customizable and provides smooth corner turns. Which makes it a best GAN cube in this list. 

2. GAN Monster GO Pyraminx

latest rubik's cube

The GAN Pyraminx is not magnetic and uses plastic bearings for positioning and alignment of the Cube. This Cube is a great choice, especially for beginners. The Monster Go Pyraminx has four identical triangular faces that are divided into nine identical smaller triangles. The solution to this puzzle is not as simple as a 3x3 Cube which is why it is a creative thinking brain teaser!

3. QiYi X-Man Flare 2x2 (Magnetic)

new magic cube

The X-Man Flare 2x2 is the all-new Magnetic Cube from QiYi. The Flare is the first-ever 2x2 Magnetic Cube that features adjustable magnets. The adjustable switches in the red, green and white faces have three different magnetic settings that are based on the position of the switches. The Flare definitely gives a satisfyingly light feel. 

4. Cubelelo Magnetic Blocks (7 Pieces)

latest magnetic cube

Magnetic Blocks by Cubelelo are building blocks that are great for kids. These blocks come with built-in magnetics that make it easier to stack the blocks and build any shapes you like. The Magnetic Blocks enhance and develop hand-eye coordination, concentration and provide a fun challenge.

5. DaYan GuHong V4 M

new cube puzzle

The GuHong V4 M from DaYan is the latest 3x3 magnetic speed cube in the GuHong series. Even though it is magnetic, it is a very light cube. The GuHong V4 M offers smooth turns with stronger magnets. The Cube comes with loose tensions; it gives it a unique and interesting feel. 

6. Gear and DIY Puzzles

new diy puzzles

The Gear and DIY Puzzles come in various sizes and shapes. You can develop and enhance critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. These puzzles help you and your kids learn concepts like gravity, gears, designs, machines, engines, etc., while you have fun and an enjoyable time. These puzzles also add as great décor to your room as exquisite pieces of art!

7. DaYan Megaminx V2 M (Magnetic)

new magic cube

The DaYan Megaminx V2 M is a lightweight puzzle and a type of rubik's cube. It comes with 120 magnets, a sculpted surface and vibrant stickerless shades. The magnets make the puzzle all the stables during your solves. It offers great stability and control. The exterior design helps improve grips which matters a great deal to megaminx solvers.

8. GAN Skewb Magnetic

new gan cube

The GAN Skewb is the first Skewb to have adjustable tensions and spring compressions. It also comes with core and corner magnetic designs. The magnetic Skewb offers smooth movements that have impressed many top solvers.


There are many aspects that you should consider when you are looking for a best cubes. Though all the Cubes mentioned in the list are absolutely worth it, you need to find the Cube that is most suitable for you. The puzzles come in all shapes and sizes with this list of new arrivals being on top of our waiting list! 

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