Rubik’s Cube Notation

Understanding Rubik’s Cube Notation For Every WCA Puzzle

Akshaansh Chilakapati
Introduction While the Rubik’s Cube is fascinating just as a toy, improving at it requires one to learn the process of ‘scrambling’. In this proces...
Cubing Algorithms

The Next Step in Cubing Algorithms

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar
Cubing algorithms have been present from the genesis of the cubing community. The cube algorithms expressed as notation R U F D L etc are the prima...
The Guide to a WCA Competition Solve

The Ultimate Guide to a WCA Competition

Avani Sood
Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s cube, and become obsessed with increasing your speed? Have you ever thought of racing with others or even co...
Cubelelo Cube Lubricants: Best Speed Cube Lubricants Online

Cubelelo Cube Lubricants: Best Speed Cube Lubricants Online

Avani Sood
There are three main components to getting faster at cubing - Efficiency, which includes learning different methods and algorithms, Turn Speed, whi...
F2L method for speedcubing

3 Useful Advanced F2L Skills/Techniques For Speedsolving

Pranav Prabhu
F2L (First Two Layers) is the longest step in the CFOP method, and so is one of the most important to work on if someone wants to get much faster. ...
How to set up cube

6 Steps Ultimate Beginner's Cube Setup Guide

Avani Sood
Ever bought a new cube, only to not like it? Or maybe you do like it, but feel like there’s something missing? Setting up your cube can give your c...
3x3 Algorithm Subsets

3x3 Algorithm Subsets: Are They Useful?

Pranav Prabhu
Algorithms are an essential part of speedcubing, especially for the last layer of the CFOP method. There has been a lot of time dedicated to findin...
How to solve a Pyraminx using the beginner’s method

How To Solve a Pyraminx Cube Using Beginner’s Method?

Naren Ramesh
While most cubers start with puzzles like the 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4, you will often see the Pyraminx being recommended as a puzzle that is easy for beg...

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