MoYu AoHun WR M Megaminx (Magnetic)


Color: Stickerless
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MoYu AoHun WR M Megaminx (Magnetic)

MoYu AOHUN Megaminx by MoYu is the latest and first magnetic Megaminx, which has been added to its WR M speed cubing series. This cube has an amazing magnets layout -120 magnets placed accurately, making the cube more controllable. However, its key feature is its special Dual Adjustment Tension System which provides 9 levels elasticity combining with screw adjustment, giving it more choice to reach a better performance. Its 3 cm side length design make cube more controllable, flexible and lighter. This cube comes only in stickerless with vibrant colours putting the sticker problem to an end, whereas its Ridged design gives the puzzle better hand griping, fitting your finger trick perfectly.

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