QiYi Cube Timer

QiYiSKU: 1380036

Color: Black
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Qiyi timer is an excellent timer for this price! The main feature of this model is the 3.5 mm connecting port. All other models come with a 2.5mm port, cords that are not easy to find. Thus, you can easily connect your timer to computers, phones, or any display. The reset button is at the opposite end of the display, where it won't interfere with starting or stopping the timer. The display is decent and the timers can be easily connected to a Mat. This timer uses 2 AAA batteries of 1.5V for its working.

Accessories you can buy with your QiYi Timer:

1. Cube Timer Connecting Cord
2. QiYi Small Mat
3. Qiyi  Large Mat

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