QiYi X-Man Volt v2 M Square-1 (Fully Magnetic)

QiYiSKU: 1150031

Color: Stickered
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YJ MGC Square-1 Magnetic
YJ MGC Square-1 Magnetic
₹ 1,699.00


QiYi X-Man Volt v2 M Square-1 (Fully Magnetic)

The X-Man Volt Square-1 v2 M (Fully Magnetic) is an updated design of the original X-Man Volt Square-1. The Volt V2 features a whole new design with many advanced upgrades.

The cube comes with an ABS loosening prevention nut technique. This version features a more robust design for durability, and magnets in the middle layer to aid slice turns. It features a twin-core system, which avoids popping issues and improves stability at the same time.

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