YuXin Black Kylin v2 4x4

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Nice cube


Good for beginers

Its good, read full.

I suggest this cube for the people who haven't solved any puzzle at all. If it's your first cube, then it's good as this cube is a rookie's cube.

I also got Cubelelo Velocity lube (premium). This cube didn't show much difference. I guess it is because there is no groove between the pieces and ithe plastic used to make it. Classic lube (mid weight) will work fine according to the video I've watched in youtube.

Short story for patient people:-
I got this cube before 10 days. I didn't know how to solve a 4x4, so it is my first 4x4. Initial 2 days, I learnt some algorithms. I solve it slowly for 2 days. I didn't feel any problem. But when I started to solve fast, it started to lock. I also gets pops internally. The pieces which gets internal pop are center and edges, not corners.

Worth its price

This cube is a good budget cube. As I got the cube, it was very tight. After some tensioning it became very fast and had better corner cutting. It has a very unique outer texture on it. It has a very scratchy feel. Although it is a good budget cube, I would recommend meilong 4*4 over this.

Very interesting 4X4

This Puzzle better than the Shenhshou 4x4, and the Qiyi Qiyuan.

The reasons are listed below:
1) It's stable. Not tight or loose, therefore, you can expect no popping!
2) It has a Scratchy feeling. It's not a disadvantage but a desirable perquisite. However it you don't like the feel then lube the cube.
3)This point is purely mine option. The box looks amazing.
4) The middle layers feel better than the outer layers.

However it have a few shortcomings, which are listed below:
1) Conner cutting is mediocre or just okay.
2) It doesn't feel "premium" (That to be expected as it is a 'buget cube')
3) Out of the box it was 'DRY' which made me feel that this was a bad cube. Nevertheless, the dryness dissipates after the first couple of sovle later.

I would recommend this 4x4 over the shengshou 4x4 and the Qiyi With an 4x4 as that puzzle is really loose and unstable.
If you are willing to spend a bit more go for a "magnetic 4x4" as when ever you turn fast the other layers missaline. That happens in ever "non-magnetic 4x4" hopefully my review helped you in making a decision for your new 4x4.

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