YuXin Little Magic 2x2

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YuXinSKU: 1020096

Color: Stickered
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Cubelelo Drift 2x2
Cubelelo Drift 2x2
Rs. 299.00


The YuXin Little Magic 2x2 is an all-new 2x2 from YuXin at a very economical and inexpensive price point. With a lightweight design and a frosted exterior, it is designed to feel similar to a high-end 2x2 for a fraction of the price. Super light, super fast. It may need to be  loosen a few turns to unlock better corner cutting. 

Great for people who like light and fast cubes. It has a lot of grooves which are great for speed, and they fit nicely together giving it a stable feel. The frosted plastic is subtle. The YuXin little magic has been hailed a godsend by many speedcubers across the globe. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

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