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Best clock just awesome

Truly Awesome!

The elite clock is just awesome and value for money! This better version makes it the best for speedsolvers!

Money Worth It

Brief review:
The Cubelelo Elite Clock is a bang for the buck. Its overall much better than stock clocks and the fact that it is comp ready, makes it totally worth for the additional setup cost. If you are a beginner whos looking to get into clock or someone trying to get decent at clock , this is definitely a great choice. If you already really good at clock, then you might want a magnetic clock, which AFAIK is in process. If youre looking to magnetize it, please add a note while placing the order, as they generally superglue the case back together and you might not want it that way.
Casing: ( + ve )
The fact that the casing has been opened properly already makes the extra money worth it. This is one thing that Ive always had an issue with, even after magnetizing and setting up loads of clocks.
Insert: (neutral)
The custom insert looks way better than the default one. Even though this is a positive, it is a bit difficult to identify the 12 oclock side of the clock, this might not be a huge issue for many people ,
but it did make me fumble in my solves. So a small suggestion to Cubelelo is to include a small image along with the name cubelelo instead of just the name. Note that the original insert has an image of a boy on the bottom of the clock.
Springs:( + ve )
I was skeptical as to if they would have actually made a change to the springs, but it turns out they did. The main issue I faced with Lingao clocks other than the broken cases is the improper or bent springs that make the turning horrible. The springs I received with my clock were the most perfect ones Ive ever seen.
Lube:( + ve )
The lube job was amazing. All the contact points are lubed perfectly and the clock didn't seem sluggish at all.
Out of the box, the clock felt much better than any stock Lingao. But the turning was not perfect. As in, dont expect it to turn like a well broken in clock. It needs around 100 solves to properly break in. After about 100 solves its a total beast.
Pins: (+ ve)
The pins were far far better than any stock Lingao clock. So its definitely a huge plus.

Awesome Cube!

This is an Awesome Cube! I love it so much! Irs not hard at all and can be solved under 1 minute easily, i say under 30 seconds is also not a big deal!!! ???


If you don't want to get DQ for having a useless Clock Then, this is the best Clock for you The clock poles are just perfect that you can't get jammed while turning it fast The color of the Clock is attractive and it's way better than the original LingAo Magic Clock The pins doesn't get struck and don't worry about anything...... Definitely this Clock is worthy for its improvement by Cubelelo

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