Cubelelo Magic Ball Spinner

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Color: Pink
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Can you put beads of the same color together? two-sided flower-shaped magic bean double-layer rotating toy, 4 crossways on each side, each hole has three beads to push and put the same color beads together.

There is another way to play. You can use your thumb and middle finger to hold the two ends of the intermediate cube, and then high speed rotate it to turn it into a gyroscope; or place the cube on the table and rotate it gently. There are more methods waiting for your development.

The Decompression Rotating Cube toy is made of high-quality ABS raw materials, with bright colors and gorgeous appearance. Drop resistant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable. Round cornered and smooth surface protects your fingers from scratching. This toy is a combination of a Cube and Gyroscope toy.

Core premium high speed bearings, it offers amazing grip and controlled spin with, To spin the spinner simply hold with one hand or spinning it on the desk, it will continue spinning when you keep pushing with hands. At the same time, it is still a challenging cube, endless entertainment fun. Try it now!

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