Cubelelo Valk 3 Mini 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)


Color: Stickered
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QiYi MP 3x3 (Magnetic)
QiYi MP 3x3 (Magnetic)
Rs. 1,499.00


Cubelelo Valk 3 Mini 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

The Cubelelo Valk 3 Mini Elite M is lubed with Special Elite Lube in the core to produce a more controllable experience while giving a crisp feel and a speed boost is given by the fastest Cubelelo Premium Lube. Thus producing an optimized speed-cube keeping in mind the needs of many speedcubers.

High-quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for the optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle.

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