DaYan GuHong v4 M 3x3 (Magnetic)

DaYanSKU: 1030426

Color: Stickered
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DaYan GuHong v4 M 3x3 Magnetic

DaYan GuHon v4 is an up-gradation and addition to the GuHong series, a famous line of cubes with great demand. This cube provides speed at ease with light and smooth turning, also 90-degree full corner-cutting ensures fault-tolerance and fluency during solving. This cube comes in handy with an optimized weight of 67g only making the cube capable for long-time practice. 48 magnets are fixed in position making the cube controllable, stable and capable of fast and precise turning. Wave-like slot design from GuHong v3 is utilized, to fix lubricant inside and perform anti-sticky property.

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